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F-List Advent Calendar

Hey my friends.

Here is again my long gift list, when someone missed his present.

I know I didn't make a present to all members of my F-List. If I missed you please pass me a note and a hint what you would like and I try my best.

The weather in Berlin is shity. We have temperatures around the freezing point, no new snow in the last 48 hours but warnings of ice of the German weather organization. I think and hope so much my mom and me will drive this afternoon in the Vor-Harz to my aunt and our family.

Cross your fingers with me.

Merry Christmas.

Day One – Suzanne [quietfire]: Bobby’s Back [LJ] or Bobby’s Back [blog]
Day Two – Snyder [ouroborossnyder]: Bobby Banner [LJ] or Bobby Banner [blog]
Day Three – Bara [cjspooks]: L&O: UK Icons [LJ] or L&O: UK Icons [blog]
Day Four – Anna [ÄnN]: Alan Rickmann Slideshow[LJ] or L&O: UK Icons [blog]
Day Five – Larissa [untapdtreasure]: Mother’s House Walk[LJ] or Mother’s House Walk [blog]
Day Six – SilentG: Writing Icons[LJ] or Writing Icons [blog]
Day Seven – Nantz: my personal Six Degrees to Vincent[LJ] or my personal Six Degrees to Vincent [blog]
Day Eight – deliciouslycrzy: Danny Ross Icons[LJ] or Danny Ross Icons [blog]
Day Nine – Susan: Vincent Banner [LJ] or Vincent Banner [blog]
Day Ten – dreamsofkate: Gillian Foster Icons [LJ] or Gillian Foster Icons [blog]
Day Eleven – Bev [Beverly]: Vincent Puzzle [LJ] or Vincent Puzzle [blog]
Day Twelve – Kim [cifan]: You.Me.Bed.Now [LJ] or You.Me.Bed.Now [blog]
Day Thirteen – Anna [onlyjustwhisper]: Alex Banner[LJ] or Alex Banner [blog]
Day Fourteen – ladyjudithanne: Mad Men Icons[LJ] or Mad Men Icons [blog]
Day Fifteen – Danie [hargiteam_43]: Kathryn & Chris [LJ] or Kathryn & Chris [blog]
Day Sixteen – sipman: Danny & Liz Moments [LJ] or Danny & Liz Moments [blog] P.S. I found another moment in Rocket Man ;o)
Day Seventeen – Sandi [gorengal]: 100 drabble [LJ] or 100 drabble [blog]
Day Eighteen – adventuregirl: Oz meets CI [LJ] or Oz meets CI [blog]
Day Nineteen – Potzina: Cholo Dance [LJ] or Oz meets CI [blog]
Day Twenty – Barbi [outerbankschick]: Vincent Banner [LJ] or Vincent Banner [blog]
Day Twenty-one – Barbara [basric]: Dock Newton [LJ] or Dock Newton [blog]
Day Twenty-two – Hannah [citjara]: Berlin [LJ] or Berlin [blog]
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