havers (havers) wrote,

Criminal Intent 20 in 20 - Round Eight

These are my entries of Round 8 of crimintent20n20.

With texture and tutorial help of: endou, haudvafra and bttrfly_kiss.

Although we had three great new Criminal Intent episodes, I ran out of ideas about my AC icons. But at my micro fluid university course I found the solution. I wanted to do CI stock opener icons for a longer time.

I'm really curious about the other LOST icons. I only had that one idea. I need to see variations.

anger burn dance escape free-for-all
half lost otp required image work

5 Category - Emotions
thoughtful oh oh suspicious frustrated impressed

5 Artist's Choice

Plus five more:

Tags: 20 in 20, animation, artwork, ci20in20, criminal intent, icons
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