havers (havers) wrote,

Sauna - Part 9 + 10 (late)

Title: sauna part 9 and 10
Challenge: late
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 99 and 99

Part 9/Alex POV

His pulsation manhood between my palms, my body pressed against his, everything makes me breathless. It’s difficult to frame: “Do you feel fine?” His gasping ‘Yes’ reaches my ear as I still suck his. I want that man, now.

But there is a shadow at the window.

It’s too late – our Captain stares inside – we outside.

There is no chance that he didn’t saw my legs and arms wrapped around Bobby, gently stimulating everything I can reach.

The door flies open – right, the lock is broken-down since weeks.

I hide behind Bobby’s broad shoulders and fish for my towel.

Part 10/Bobby POV

Shit, I forgot the thing with the lock and now Ross is inside. I stand up to cover Alex from his gaze.

“Detectives, what’s going on h…” he shouts, but I interrupt him with getting a step closer.

“No words, sir – not now.”

“Okay, when you both are dressed, we see us in my office,” he replies, and leaves.

I turn around and see Alex wrapped in the thin fabric, which glues incredible around her body. I want her even more.

She steps closer, gets on her toes and whispers lasciviously. “I hope we will continue what we started…later.”

The end…or?

I’ll see what the next challenge will bring.
Tags: ci_fans_unite, drabble, fanfiction, sauna
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