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NY trial opens for accused stalker of Kathryn Erbe

Yesterday started the Trial against Charles Nagel for stalking Kathryn. Actually I didn’t want to post about it, but my Kathryn News page produced over 10 new articles in the last 24 hours.

Here four interesting articles.
  1. Opening statements made in 'Law & Order' stalker case
  2. Erbe's ex-husband testifies in alleged stalker case
  3. Creep accused of stalking 'Law & Order' actress Kathryn Erbe online 'didn't act like ordinary fan'
  4. Prosecutor: Man harassed 'Law & Order' star

Here a few facts:
  • Charles Nagel of Philadelphia is charged with interstate stalking, stemming from his "obsession" with actress Kathryn Erbe, Assistant U.S. Attorney Allon Lifshitz told jurors in federal court in Brooklyn.
  • When Erbe tried to ignore Nagel, he grew angry and tried to confront her, the prosecutor said.
  • Defense attorney Robert Datner called his client "an interesting character" who meant no harm.
  • Nagel, who has pleaded not guilty, merely "went to a public place seeking autographs and photographs," the lawyer said.
  • Today Jonathan Erbe, Kathryn’s brother and Terry Kinney her ex-husband were in witness stand and spoke to the court.
  • Kathryn is due to take the stand today, 3rd of November.

I hope this whole process will be over as soon as possible. It’s incredible and inexcusable how this man treated Kathryn, Maeve and the whole family.
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