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Worst Friends Finishing Funds

Worst Friends finally published their trailer but they need a little more money to finish their project.

[I don't get, why the trailer is not visible. Click here or here to watch it.]

About this project

We are looking to raise money so we can finish our film and submit it to festivals. We hope to hire an editor, do a color correction and sound mix. We have completed the offline, using favors and an in-home system. Now that we are ready to move to the last phase of post, we would love to be able to pay people for their time and efforts. This movie stars Kathryn Erbe, Larry Fessenden, Richard Tanne, Noah Barrow, Kristen Connolly, Josh Ruben and Sarah Wynter, among others.

This project will only be funded if at least $6,500 is pledged by Saturday Jan 1, 1:59am CET. Go to Kickstarter and help.

Tags: kathryn, movie, worst friends
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