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F-List Advent Calendar - Day Seven

Dear Nantz, days seven of my Advent Calendar is dedicated to you.

Antje’s six degrees to Vincent D’Onofrio

After playing a lot of the connection games on your blog, I’ll tell you my individual connection to Vincent.

Before September I had answered my bond to Vincent always with:

[02] Shaking Ben Stiller’s hand on the Germany premiere of Dodgeball back in 2004 or 2005.
[01] He was in Vince Vaughn’s company (who didn’t risk one gaze to the red carped fans).
[00] Vince Vaughn and Vincent played both in The Cell, The Break-Up and Thumbsucker.

But I met Susan not only virtual. In September we had wonderful hours in Central Park. She met Vincent twice. She delivered the good buy binders in May 2009 and got a hug at the DVD signing event back in 2006.

So I got one step closer Vincent. Future will tell, if I finally close the gap and meet him in person.
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