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F-List Advent Calendar - Day Sixteen

For you sipman,

I so love your Danny and Liz fanfictions, drabbles and writing. It’s hot and passionate and funny. First I wanted to write a little story for you but I know I would never picture Danny and Liz the way you do.

So I asked me about the TV moments of the two and started a little picspam. I believe when I post this today I’ll pass another moment the next days I forgot. I was really amazed how often Eric and Leslie had a scene together in S7 and with remembering Eric’s letter and his words that Leslie is a hot ticket and he loved to make her his girl…sigh!

Danny & Liz Moments

6 x 17 PlayersVery professional
7 x 02 SeedsNola is
annoying7 x 03 Smile
7 x 05 DepthDoctor
’Captain’no doubt
7 x 09 UntetheredEven the
lastgot it, now ;o)
Bobby and Alexruined the date
Poor Lizfrom happy to disappointed
in five seconds7 x 11 Purgatory
7 x 12 ContractLiz didn’t killed Danny
They still have lunch together7 x 13 Betrayed…so right!
7 x 16 ReunionAnother ‘Captain’
7 x 22 FrameIt is Nicole’s heart
and extraction fitsnot Liz’s guilt
8 x 07 Alpha Dog9 x 01/02 Loyalty
a lastfunny moment
before……the end

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