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Photobucket, grrr...


photobucket is bugging me since weeks. Only a week ago I reached my 2500 picture limit in my main album. I never used the sub-album function. I’m a tagger to organize my icons and banner.

I gave in and installed a few more albums. I can live with it.

But since a few days tagging became more and more difficult. Today I saw a pop up, saying me that I reached my 3500 tagging limit. Great, just great.

I have a lot of tags (150) and tend to tag an icon in at least two categories.

I’m nearly done with PB when they don’t change this. I read a few comments and learned that this is a new rule.

Do you have any suggestions for me? What other online-photo-collecting-provider can I use?

If I now re-organize my over 2500 icons and install sub and sub-sub albums and move still uploaded work and delete all tags, I would have to change every artwork entry of blogger and LJ I ever made because the direct links also change when moving.

Please let me know which provider you use.
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