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New Kathryn movie - Sunny Side Up

untapdtreasure discovered a new Kathryn movie. It’s called Sunny Side Up.

Storyline 1:
A comedy about a woman who saves her chicken farm and her family by agreeing to be the subject of a "reality show" with a celebrity Hollywood weight loss expert. Both women change and discover the true meaning of success.

Synopsis 2:
The film, which will incorporate elements of improv, centers on a yoga guru (Posey) from the city who brings her entourage to a chicken farm in the country and attempts to co-exist with the farmers there.

Director: David Pomes
Writer: Christy Scott Cashman
Status: Post-production
Producer: Christy Scott Cashman, Michael Mailer, Galt Niederhoffer
Production Co: Saint Aire Production
Filming Locations: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Parker Posey ... Angelica Lovecraft
Kathryn Erbe ... Cora
Jay Harrington ... Al
Christy Scott Cashman ... Millie Bartlett
Dechen Thurman ... Leaf
Michael Panes ... Ira
Andria Blackman ... Mary
Nicole Signore ... Yoga Student
Ben Hanson ... Mikey
Ethan Freeman ... Bobby
Michael Gorman ... Sammy
Cory Scott ... Pan
Patty Ross ... Gladys
Tony Viveiros ... Mitch
Deborah Demasi ... Daphne
Variety.com published a short article:

Posey sees 'Sunny Side'
Production begins on comedy about yoga and chicken farming
By Gordon Cox
Posted: Tue., Oct. 26, 2010, 4:00am PT

Indie comedy "Sunny Side Up" has begun production in Boston with a cast that includes Parker Posey and Christy Scott Cashman, who penned the screenplay.
David Pomes ("Cook Country") helms.
Cashman also co-produces with Michael Mailer and Galt Niederhoffer, the writer-director-producer who wrote and helmed "The Romantics," based on her own novel.
"Sunny Side," which will incorporate elements of improv, centers on a yoga guru (Posey) from the city who brings her entourage to a chicken farm in the country and attempts to co-exist with the farmers there.
Cashman was an exec producer on "The Kids Are All Right."
Niederhoffer's first book, "A Taxonomy of Barnacles," is in development at Sony.
Contact Gordon Cox at gordon.cox@variety.com

Wickedlocal.com announced an article:

"Sunny Side Up" shoots in Scituate
By Nancy White
Wicked Local Scituate
Posted Oct. 07, 2010 @ 04:00 PM

Scituate — Hollywood has come to Scituate.
Starting Monday, Oct. 4, a film crew for an independent movie set up shop on the South Shore. Filming began at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, but on Tuesday film crews were at the Egypt Country Store in Scituate, and both Fitts Mill and Bullman Marine will be set locations as well.
The movie is called “Sunny Side Up” and stars a local actress and producer Christy Scott Cashman (she also wrote the screenplay) and Parker Posey, who starred in “Best in Show,” among other movies.
The crew was scheduled to be in and around Cohasset most of the week, shooting scenes in Cohasset Village and JJ’s Dairy Hut on Route 3A. Over the next three weeks, the movie will be filmed in various locations in Cohasset, Hingham and Scituate. The bulk of the movie will be shot at the Weir River Farm in Hingham.
The movie follows Millie Bartlett (Cashman), who is struggling to keep the chicken farm that has been in her family for generations afloat. A chance meeting (shot at the Red Lion Inn) brings her together with Angelica Feelgoode (Posey), an energy and fitness guru to the stars. To help support her farm, Millie agrees to film a reality show with her new friend.
Scituate and the South Shore were chosen because “it’s got the look,” said Ryan Cook, assistant location manager for the film. He was charged by the film’s producers to find the spaces and locations that fit the feel and look desired for the film. The film is meant to take place in a small coastal town in Maine.
“(They) have a quaint feel to it. A fishing town feel and that’s what we were looking for,” Cook said.
Around noontime on Monday, evidence of a movie production could be found in scaffolding about 20 feet high with a camera setup on top. A scene was being shot where two of the movie’s characters were walking across the breezeway between the main Red Lion Inn building and the barn. The movement was being shot from multiple angles. A trailer truck was parked in Cohasset Village with all sorts of moviemaking equipment, and various members of the production crew could be seen around the Red Lion Inn.
“It’s basically a construction site that moves every day — and we have to feed everyone, find parking and interface with local police, fire departments and businesses,” Cook said of the on-location production. He had been at the Red Lion since 3a.m. on Monday.
Passersby in Cohasset showed some interest in the moviemaking on Monday. Cook said people were “all smiles” as they came to see what was going on at the Red Lion. He said the top three questions he gets asked are “What’s going on here?” “Who’s starring in the movie?” and “Can I be an extra.?”
At the Red Lion, the barn was being turned into a yoga studio for a scene and other scenes were being shot in The Cave (the inn’s basement bar), the saloon, the inn’s lobby and one of the hotel’s rooms.
Making a movie is slow going; on average a day of filming yields about a minute of film. This being a smaller-scale film, it may be a faster production schedule with an output of three or four minutes a day, Cook said.
Cook said he has received support from the community in the planning for the movie.
“We couldn’t have made this film without the support of the towns and the generosity of various vendors,” Cook said.

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