havers (havers) wrote,

Worst Friends & Mother's House Donations

The final spurt in the two kickstarter campaigns of Mother’s House and Worst Friends were herald.

There are only a few days left and the fundings are over. Both projects need a little bit more money to reach their goal.

Maybe you can help Richard Tanne & Erica Hampson as well as Ingrid Price & Davis Hall with their projects to realize Kathryn’s new movies, we all want to watch in 2011.

With every donation you’ll get something back. Be a part of a Kathryn Erbe movie. See your name in the credits. Get a funny gadget of the production/filming. Be the owner of the movie DVD. Visit a screening of the movie…

set photo by Colleen Lynch
Tags: kathryn, mother's house, movie, worst friends
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