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Kathryn Pregnant

In my eyes it was brilliant and lovely how the writers and producers added Kathryn’s second pregnancy with her son Carson to Criminal Intent. Alex never needed to wear big folders or bags in front of her growing belly. She never had to sit behind big desk or hid behind plants. We didn’t get a lame storyline why she wasn’t on screen for a few episodes.

This way the audience could enjoy a few phases of Kathryn’s pregnancy and guide Alex’s nine months travel. For a current challenge I made a few Gemini Icons and even there her baby-belly was so visible.

But beside the two or three episodes of S2 and the first half of S3 are less other pictures of Kathryn carrying Carson inside her available.

I knew this pic for a few years and have to thank untapdtreasure for this version without water mark and for giving the photo a name and a date. It is showing Kathryn at A Pea in the Pod Fall/Holiday Trunk Show at 09/17/2003 [nearly one month before Carson’s birth] in New York City.

With the right name I was able to take another www picture research and found eight more pictures at wireimage.com. Unfortunately I got them only in thumbnail size.

The three last pictures are my favorites of this bunch, specially the one in the middle. Kathryn is looking amazing and sexy. Is she just wearing a bra under a shine through blouse? Holy Moly!
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