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Maggie - Tutorial

Go from this…


…to this:


This is my first tutorial and English is not my native language. I hope you get what I want to show you. I use Photoshop CS3. I thank cath from caths_arts for her translation list. I have to use it every time when working with tutorials.

I found this amazing Stir of Echoes Cap a couple of days before. It showed Kathryn Erbe as Maggie Witzky.

01. Open the picture with photoshop.

Maggie Cap

02. The picture is 800 x 534. Because Maggie’s face/hair line looked a little grainy, I resized to 600 x 401.

03. I also didn’t like the grainy green/yellow background. I took the blur tool in a big size and ran over all the places which bothered me.

Step 3

04. To lighten the whole picture a little bit: new layer --> New Adjustment Layer --> Brightness/Contrast: Brightness +20

05. Maggie’s mouth caught me from the first moment. To highlight that area even more, I added a new layer and set it to soft light. Took a soft brush (size 12) and a dark red (6d000a). Over-draw the mouth area. Because even on soft light the red was too much, I took the eraser tool, opacity 50% and in the size (60) of the whole mouth. Push it ONE time on the layer.

Step 5

06. I took these three textures Wallflower 2, Wallflower 4 and Grungy Flowers 4 of aethereality.net for the background. Move them where you like them. I think I resized one of the three, too. Set all three textures to Color Burn 100%.

07. Took the eraser tool and remove the structures over Maggie’s face and hair.

08. To make the little flower in the right corner a little bit more interesting, click again on the mouth layer, took a small brush, the same red or another and set another color focus.

Step 8

09. I took this grunge flower texture of tiger_tyger and place it in the left down corner and set it to soft light. I erased the most of texture, blurred the edges and only let the flower complete my banner.

Step 9

10. Took this icon texture of tiger_tyger and blow it to 600 x 401 before you set it with soft light on top of your layers.

11. Use the eraser tool in a big size and remove the last texture over Maggie’s face and whole body.

Step 11

12. To sharpen Maggie’s face a little, I used the lasso tool, encircled the region and sharpened it (filter --> Sharpen --> Unsharp Mask: 50%; 1,0; 0 ).

13. Last step: the text. The font is called, Bickham Script Pro. I moved the font layer under the texture layers and added Layer Stile --> inner glow --> fee0b0 opacity 75%.

Good Luck and I would love to see your results. Please give credit when using.
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