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Heather's Mother's House Kickstarter Gift

After discovering the amazing Mother’s House poster, I was so bold to create my own version. Yesterday, I finally finished the poster.

MH eigenes Poster
Click to enlarge. Attention: This is not the official Mother’s House poster. It’s havers’ own version. Give credit when using.

I also got an email from Heather last week. She also was a backer of Mother’s House and spent 65 € to complete the fundraiser. She saw the blog entry about my kickstarter gifts and sent me pictures of her amazing put together shadowbox.

Here her explanations of the single items:

In the bottom picture, the "Young Boy" is shown wearing a pair of cowboy pajama's and tacked behind the picture is an actual swatch of the material that was used to make the pajamas. The middle picture of "Thomas" is lying on the bed and "Katherine" is standing beside him, There's a swatch of fabric tacked behind it that is from the curtains that are hung on the window. And lastly, the block with the rabbit's face on it is a toy that, I believe is on the shelf in the top picture, I can't be sure, because it's not a very clear picture, but you can also see the curtains again.

It's so beautifully put together and more than I imagined or expected. A few other things in the collage are a blown up image of the teddy bear from the orginal "Mother's House" poster. Also, attached at the front, behind glass is a clear cut out sheet with the title "Mother's House" and the following description: "Original props from the Peak Roads Productions 2011 narative short film "Mother's House" with Kathryn Erbe and Tim Guinee" and just below that is a neatly hung spider dangling of it's web.

Thank you so much Heather for showing me your Mother’s House gifts. I would love to touch it. The shadowbox is really beautiful. I also wrote two other backers, yesterday. Maybe we’ll see a few more gifts. Cross your fingers with me for a response.
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