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Prompt 19. Season seven, ‘Kissinger’: Goren/Eames, shaky reassuring-each-other-we're-okay sex.

Name of the story: The Advertisement
Prompt name: 19. Season seven, ‘Kissinger’: Goren/Eames, shaky reassuring-each-other-we're-okay sex.
Author: havers
Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Word count: 4126
Raiting and warnings: M/NC-17, I should write about sex, what do you think?
Description: Alex POV; Alex just wanted a few hot and steamy hours. She tested new ways but found old acquaintance.
A/N: Thank you Liz. You're so kind and lovely to me.
Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.

Part 1

The Advertisement


It had been a hard day. Bobby and I had arrested Marla Reynolds, a woman who had killed three parents to get her son in an exclusive preschool - what a world. What's worse, Bobby had made me leave him in a room with Marla and her gun, so I could save the little children from danger. I had escorted the five girls and boys out of Carnegie Hill and then I had returned with a swat team back-up.

I had been mad because he had done it again, stayed alone in a room with a psycho, a gun pointed into his face, his mouth his only shield. Had it been the third or forth time in our eight year partnership?

I'd been distraught, because I'd not been at his side. I’m his senior partner. I should have been with this woman, persuading her to give me the gun. I'd been so worried. Tension had begun to thaw between us and I was afraid to lose him again, to lose him forever. He'd survived it like always, but how often would his methods work in the future?

I was finally home and trying to relax. After I surfed the web for a couple of hours, I cooled down. I checked my emails, but there was only one from my sister; the rest was spam. Then I visited my message board and left a comment about the current House M.D. episode. I also published three more sentences for the roll play - I was Lisa Cuddy. Now I browsed YouTube.

Bobby and I had the rest of the day off. The captain told us to relax a bit; the weekend was around the corner and the next case would wait until we both returned to Major Case on Monday.

As we'd left work, Bobby had asked me to stop for an early drink, but I'd told him no. I'd wanted to be alone and not with him. I'd been angry but couldn't really explain why. He'd saved the children, the two women, and had prevented Marla from killing herself.

Now, I asked myself, why did I refuse? There had been the one in a hundred chance that I might have gone home with someone. I needed someone urgently, a lover, a man to make love to me and erase the pain of the day.

It had been so damn long ago since I'd had sex. I couldn't even name the date, or the place where I'd last made love with a man. I was so desperate; I just wanted it one time. It couldn’t be so difficult to find someone who would give me pleasure and let me return the favour. 

Wait; there was an easy way to be together with a man just for sex. We had seen it during this case. I thought and let my fingers fly over the keyboard.

I found the page, scrolled to the hetero section, then to the men who searched for women…for sex, just for sex. I would never place an ad. It would just be one time, one night or less, to get it out of my system.

I read ad after ad and couldn’t settle for one. They all claimed what wonderful lovers they were and what huge cocks they had. I laughed so much. And I looked at photos where I knew instantly that I could never take off my jacket in front of these guys, not to mention get naked.

But then I found someone after I poked a half hour through sentences like ‘all night long’, ‘mind-blowing orgasms’ and ‘Casanova was one of my ancestors’.

The advertisement had been placed just a few minutes earlier. I read:

Hey you,

I cannot promise that you will fly with me to heaven, not even that you’ll reach your climax. But I can promise that I will spoil you the whole time we’re together. I have soft lips and tender fingers and know how to use them.

I’m 6' 3½", 200 pound + x, 47, hair tinged with gray, unattached.

For my safety: Only safe sex!

For your safety: I’m a cop and you can see my badge when you decide to have sex with me. You can stop me at any time. If and/or when you say ‘NO’ it’s over and you can go.

If you like what you read just send me an e-mail.

P.S. It may not be the best sex of your life with the best lover on earth, but maybe we will spend a few nice and casual hours with each other.

P.P.S. This is the first time I have ever done something like this and I am a bit afraid. Maybe you can take my fears away.

What a lovely message, I thought, gently tapping my lips. The first honest words I read at this page were here at this ad. I stood up and walked into my kitchen. I made tea and wandered through my whole, dark apartment, carefully considered the pros and cons.


  • It is a stranger.
  • Could you really have sex with him?
  • What if he is dangerous?
  • What if he is a psycho killer?
  • What if he could only write lovely and is a complete idiot?
  • He is a cop, what if I know him?
  • What if he says NO to me?


·   I could have sex tonight. (not only with myself, with a man)

·   I'm a cop.

·   I'm trained in two material arts.

·   I have a gun and will take it with me.

·   He wants safe sex.

·   He is tall.

·   Not a twenty something but not an old man. He knows how to spoil a woman and can still do it.

·   He is a cop, I'm safe.

·   I can go, anytime!

·   Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm, this night Alex!


There was more on the plus side, I reflected and bit my lips. I sat down again on my couch, my laptop on my sprawled legs. I took a sip of my tea and then I wrote:

Hi Officer,

I read your ad and was very taken with your honest words. I read so many ads from guys who claim to give me tremendous climaxes and exaggerated anatomy.

I like that you don't promise anything.

I would love to let myself fall into your strong arms. It's been a while since I was with someone else, so I hope I didn't forget everything ;o)

I'm a petite blond, 41 and also unattached.

This is my first time on this board, too. Maybe we can fight our fears together...?

Write me back if you're interested and tell me where I can meet you.


P.S. Safe sex, what else? Just let us have a few exciting hours.

I rubbed my eyes, read my lines again and again and then I pressed enter. Excited, I screamed out loud and jumped up. I really did it!

I entered the kitchen again and peered into my fridge. As I decided on the salad from yesterday and had the first forkful in my mouth, I heard the chirp of my e-mail program. I tried to swallow but started to choke. Coughing, I reached my laptop and opened the new mail, the note from him - my sex date!


You're the first who can handle grammar, syntax and spelling and the first who just wants normal sex. No domination or submissive, nothing with human urine, blood or...you know. I don't need to bring my club and bang you green and blue. And you're not a man and you have never been a man (I hope so).

I ask myself while reading all these strange e-mails, if I should have written more details about the sex I want. You see, I'm new. It's nice that you're new, too.

Let us fight against these new fears.

If you're still interested you can meet me in the Venice Hotel, St. Marks Street, Brooklyn. I ordered room 4-F for the whole night. What do you think of visiting me at nine p.m.?

Please send me a short e-mail and I'll be on my way to the hotel.


I was flushed from reading his lines. I read them three times and had butterflies in my stomach. I tried to calm down and control my breathing, but both failed.

Nervously, I typed a short note, saying over and over again to myself, you can still say no at anytime.



Yes, I'm a woman and have been one since birth. I'll meet you at nine in room 4-F.




What have I done? I ask myself while standing under the shower getting ready for my 'date'. I really said YES to a complete stranger to meet him and have sex with him.

I dried myself with a fluffy towel and creamed my whole body with a perfumed lotion. I slipped into sexy lingerie and a black dress.

For my safety I called my sister, Frankie and told her of my plans. She screamed that I was complete crazy, but that she'd call the cops if I didn't call her by tomorrow morning.

I called for a cab and packed my purse. I took my glock, the handcuffs, my badge and condoms with me. Safety first!




It was five after nine as I walked along the fourth floor of the Venice Hotel. I couldn't breathe or think or do anything else. I just got closer to room 4-F.

My brain yelled what a nutter I was, but my tongue practiced, 'Hey, I'm Alex. Nice to meet you.'

I rested a few moments in front of door 4-F to calm down. I breathed calmly, tried to smile and then I knocked and the door opened.

But my smile froze and the 'Hey' stuck in my throat, because I was face to face with Robert Goren, my partner.

"47, 6' 3½", a cop…I should have known better." I started to laugh hysterically and gasped wildly for air. "I think I might hyperventilate…" I panted.

Bobby, who was just as shocked as me, pulled me into the hotel room and held me tight.

"Seven million people in New York City and we meet each other…?" I sobbed and dropped my purse. I leaned against the door while he brought me a glass of water.

"I just want sex. Why is it so difficult to get it?" I murmured as Bobby handed me the glass.

"What?" he asked.

"Is this a bad joke?"

"I don't think so," he answered, and sat down the bed.

I looked around the little but nice room. The bed was big and covered with white linen. Bobby had brought white calla. I knew he liked the odour of them. I thought the scent should calm him down - he was also nervous. The flowers stood in a vase on a small table.

After investigating the room, I placed my eyes on Bobby, first carefully so that he wouldn't notice, then I looked directly into his eyes.

He'd changed his clothes; wore black jeans and a dark blue dress shirt, no tie. He'd shaved before he'd came here. His gaze was excited but then it held me, too.

"You look handsome, tonight," I said, and swallowed.

"And you really beautiful," he replied, and stood up.

"One penny for your thoughts," I laughed as he came closer, but stopped as I saw his dark eyes full of desire.

"You want sex Alex and you can have it."

"I want uncomplicated and casual sex, a one night stand and with you…"

"…yes, with me?"

"With you, it would never be casual and…and with you, I don't want only one night," I whispered and looked up. Bobby was so close I could smell his CK-Aftershave.

"Alex, we both are free and…maybe we should allow ourselves this night. We can make it easy, not complicated. Let us enjoy a few nice hours and tomorrow we will see what comes next," he offered with a low voice and brushed his lips on my bare shoulders. "You're looking so incredible and your smell…mmmh," he murmured, and kissed his way to my neck.

"We're partners, friends…" I groaned as Bobby's hands reached around my waist and pulled me tighter.

"I meant what I wrote; I'll stop when you say NO," he said, and kissed my throat.

I got weak in my knees, but Bobby's strong arms held me.

"Please, don't say stop. I need you so much," he whispered, and in his voice I could hear a lustful undertone, a sweet sound I'd never heard. I closed my eyes, arched back and presented more of my throat and cleavage. My hands ran down Bobby's back and touched his firm behind. It was so indescribable to feel a strong, warm and masculine body under my palms. And his lips and fingertips on my skin, my whole body trembled from it.

He manoeuvred us to the king size bed but as I felt it against my legs, I froze. I took my hands and placed them on Bobby's cheeks so he had to look into my eyes.

Our eyes sank into each other's. I was lost in his and knew that Bobby was lost in mine. We held this position several moments. Bobby wanted to kiss me and came closer, but I bit my lips and the little shake of my head made him hesitate. He laid his forehead against mine.

"Please Bobby, can we leave the hotel and go to your place? I…I want this…you, b…but not here, not in this room," I stuttered. "Here it feels wrong. We're not strangers; I want to make it right…"

After these words I could see Bobby's most lovely smile, the smile I believe he used only for me.

"Yes, that would be perfect," he replied and stole a first kiss from my lips. I thought I would melt into his embrace.

Quickly we grabbed the flowers, my purse and Bobby's jacket and left the hotel. Bobby drove us to his home as quickly as possible. On the way I called Frankie and told her I was in safe hands. so that she'd have a peaceful night.

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