havers (havers) wrote,

Badge vs. Badge

Detective vs. Lieutenant

I bet everyone of the CI fandom watched the first trailer of season 10 several times…of course me, too!

Vincent is looking amazing and the repeat t’jaras words, Bobby is back and that is so relieving and wonderful. But my eyes not only rested on him. I also spend a lot of gazes on Kathryn. Her hair is beautiful. Yes, I loved it short like in the first season, but long is great, too. Wow, the wave when she turned for the end. Her outfit simple and very Eames. I bet that will be the outfit for the promo pictures.

But then I took a closer look at the badges. I read in one blog entry comment that Bobby carried his old badge number…sigh. I couldn’t see it for myself, but that would be too nice. What I really discovered was Alex’s badge. The golden shield is still looking like a Detective badge.

I’m really curious what the writer/creative directors/show runner will make with her promotion to Lieutenant. I really hope they didn’t mess with that fact and complicate Alex’s vita even more.
Tags: criminal intent, season: ten
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