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March Icons

Tomorrow is March, 1st. I signed up for four 20 in 20 icon challenges.

CI: with episode Silencer
I never did Silencer icons and can’t wait of the themes. Maybe you want to join CriminalIntent20in20. This month we have only five participants yet. When you love to make icons follow the link and have fun. This month you can choose an episode you want to icon.

hbic: with Shirley Bellinger
I had so much fun last month with Shirley in character20in20. I need to make more icons of Kathryn as that amazing person.

shipper: House and Cuddy
I wanted to make them last month, but someone else was quicker and snatched that couple away from me.

character: Cholo
I’m really happy about my participation because I was too late to get a place for March in character20in20. Lucky me, someone handed his place back and I was number one on the reserve list.

Much photoshopping for me in the next days…

…nevertheless, I couldn’t hold back and made three animated icons, yesterday. Sigh, this trailer is too luring, but the quality (the YT download I found) is so bad. My caps are so blurry.

[I up-scaled two of the three icons to fit the livejournal standard of 40 kB]

<-- 40 kB

<-- 40 kB
Tags: 20 in 20, animation, artwork, criminal intent, icons, season: ten
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