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Prompt 19. Season seven, ‘Kissinger’: Goren/Eames, shaky reassuring-each-other-we're-okay sex.

Name of the story: The Advertisement
Prompt name: 19. Season seven, ‘Kissinger’: Goren/Eames, shaky reassuring-each-other-we're-okay sex.
Author: havers
Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Word count: 4126
Raiting and warnings: M/NC-17, I should write about sex, what do you think?
Description: Alex POV; Alex just wanted a few hot and steamy hours. She tested new ways but found old acquaintance.
A/N: Thank you Liz. You're so kind and lovely to me.
Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.

Part 2

In the car, just the gentlest brush of his lips on mine made me shiver with anticipation. We kissed from the basement garage, to the elevator and till Bobby's apartment on the thirteenth floor. In the elevator our lips moved easily and my tummy jumped with happiness. When we reached his apartment he pressed me between the door and his huge frame. I opened my lips and the sweetest tongue ever entered my mouth. I was in heaven, I really was in heaven. I kissed the softest lips on earth, the lips of my partner, but it was so good, nice and easy. Nothing felt odd.

Bobby held my hand and guided me into his bedroom. He switched on a little lamp and the room was softly lit. I freed our entangled fingers and stepped to the big window. I looked into the Brooklyn night and took a few deep breathes before I turned around and saw Bobby, sitting on his bed.

"We don't have to…I…I can you drive home, Alex," he said and smiled. "I mean, the kisses were…were overwhelming…" he massaged his neck, "…and I really want to continue, but…"

"No buts, Bobby," I replied and pushed the straps of my dress over my shoulders. It glided to the floor and Bobby held his breath.

My mouth got dry as I opened the clips of my bra and let it fall to the floor. With a few movements I was also out of my panties.

Bobby's mouth hung open and his lids didn't blink. I took all my courage and turned around one time, presenting myself and the only covering was my little golden cross around my neck. I laid my hands over my belly and looked deeply into Bobby's shining eyes.

"Please tell me the truth. I'm forty one; I gave birth - one time, and look at what I eat - too many skittles, over the years I haven't slept more than six hours a night…"

I noticed that Bobby's breath faltered. He got up on his knees and his gaze roamed over my whole body. But as he started to speak he fixed on my eyes.

"You're the most erotic, sensual and beautiful woman I ever saw, Alex. You're unbelievable and…and please look into a mirror, you're…you're hot," he breathed. "Every man on earth would fall down on his knees and pray to his god, only if you would pay attention to him for one second."

"Bobby!" My heart melted and I knew everything was all right.

"Oh Alex, please come to me." He reached out his hand.

"Will you please get undressed, too?" I asked innocently and licked my lips.

Bobby was out of his clothes in record time. I had to look twice at his naked body. Okay, he was a big man, over two hundred pounds, but he carried it well. He looked amazing. Under all of his suits I had only imagined how strong he was - my god, what biceps! Images of my smuttiest fantasies flew through my mind, Bobby lifting me in those strong arms, carrying me to the elevator of One PP. He'd press me roughly against the wall and rip off my clothes before making love to me.

My legs trembled and my heart was in my mouth. It was difficult to gracefully reach the bed where my partner waited.

"Nervous?" he asked, perhaps realizing my anxiety.

I nodded shyly and reached for Bobby's warm hand. "Me too!" he confided and as our eyes met we started to giggle.

"You must admit, it's a bit odd," I admitted, laughing harder. He jointed but then we stopped and a tingly silence entered the room. There was a moment when we both knew - we would be together and the next step in our long and unique relationship would be perfect.

I stretched out in the middle of the huge bed and Bobby carefully placed his big frame on top of me. He swept a strand of hair out of my face before we shared kisses and kisses. We enjoyed just the feeling of skin against skin.

With swollen lips I told him about the fear I'd had today, while he had been alone with Marla Reynolds.

"I was always in control."

"She pointed a weapon into your face, Bobby. Nothing was in control," I responded, a bit annoyed. "You do this so often. There will come the day someone will fire and then…then I'll be alone, really alone."

"I'm so sorry, Alex. I didn't think of this, while…"

"Exactly, you didn't think. I can't loose you, Bobby. I wouldn't survive," I said seriously, but his warm mouth and playful fingertips blew my worries away.

"In the future, I promise, in the future I'll think first in these situations before I'll act. Alex, please believe me, I never want to worry you. Let me show you, how much you mean to me," he replied, very sensually.

"Are we okay?" he asked

"I think so," I groaned, because he cupped my breasts with his palms.

"But I frustrated you, I know and you should punish me," he murmured, steamily with my right nipple between his teeth.

"Oh? You want me to punish you?"

"I was a naughty boy and need punishment."

"Okay, then turn on your back," I said, with sexy voice. I was so soaked, my body was so ready for him, but I could hold it a bit longer. I wanted to pay back, only a little bit. I smirked to myself.

As I found myself lying on Bobby I got up and walked out of the room. From the living room I called, "I'll be back again in three seconds. Don't start without me."

I hid my handcuffs behind my back as I entered the room again.

"You trust me?"

"With my life," Bobby said a bit nervously, and tried to see what I held in my hands.

"Hands up," I told him and straddled him again. He did and I closed the cuffs around Bobby's wrists and the frame of the bed.

"But I wasn't that naughty!"

"Oh you were."

His nervousness decreased as I kissed gently his throat and ears, pressing my breasts against his belly. He relaxed but as my mouth wandered deeper his whole body was tense, especially one part.

I reached for one of the condoms on the nightstand and ripped it out of the package with my teeth. I took it in my mouth and rolled it down while putting my lips over Bobby's wonderful long and thick sex.

He sighed and as my tongue circled slowly around his glans, his pelvis rocked.

"This can't be happening... I'm in heaven…" he purred, and started to whisper my name. After teasing him a little longer I came back to his face.

"Do you want me?" I asked.

"More than everything in the world," he panted. So I lifted my hips and let myself fall down his dick. With a single movement I allowed him to enter my body. I was never so wet and ready for a man in my life. I screamed out loud because I was filled completely.

"Alex, I wanna touch you, please." Bobby moaned insanely.

"But you told me one time, you like to watch, so watch," I said, while moving up and down his immense, hard shaft and stroking my clit with one hand and rolling my nipples with the other. I knew I teased him, but he felt so great inside me and watching him bound and controlled by me, the senior partner, heightened my prurience.

"Pl…please…oh my god, you're so fucking wet and tight. I want to come, now," he screamed.

"No, not yet, you must hold it a little longer," I commanded, smiling and I lifted myself off his cock.

He snarled and threw his head from right to left and tore at the bonds. I turned around and sat again backward on his manhood and that provoked a thankful moaning. Carefully I lay down. I wanted to feel Bobby, his hot front at my sweaty back. I wanted to smell him and turned my head and pressed my face into his neck.

"Oh Bobby, I'm so tense since...I don't know. Please help me to relax, release me."

"I will…"

I rocked my abdomen with a very slow frequency and knew that I needed more from Bobby to cum. I reached for the keys and opened the handcuffs.

He wasn't angry, just grateful. Bobby reached around my limbs, slowly moving one hand to my breasts and the other to my hot and wet core. He started to play with all my throbbing pleasure points. Into my ear he whispered his erotic fantasies about the Major Case with us as leading actors.

Finally he allowed me to cum. It had not been like this for years, not since Joe. He brought me to my climax first, and when he knew I was in paradise, he exploded.


Groggy but satisfied I watched Bobby's alarm clock. It showed a few minutes after midnight. Wow, two and a half hour of pure and liberating sex, I thought. My face pressed into the intoxicating curve of his neck and I rolled my shoulders. The swaying of his regular breathing was so lulling. I lifted my head and looked into Bobby's soft, brown, eyes. His lids were half closed.

"I...I should go…"

His eyes flew open and the grip around my body tightened. "You…you don't have to go. Pl…please stay with me…over night," he said and fear of losing me entered his face.

I relaxed and smiled warmly against my partner.

"That is exactly what I wanna hear," I admitted. "I'm so happy that you were the one, the one behind the ad," I sobbed easily.

"I never believed that by placing a sex ad that I'd find the right one…you, Alex Eames, my partner…my love."

"Oh Bobby, I…I love you, too."

After a while I asked, "Did you really do it the first time…the ad?"

"Yes, and you? It was the first time for you, too?"

I nod. "Eh'hem, would you delete the ad, tomorrow?" I asked nervously.

"Of course, it will be the first thing I'll do tomorrow," he said and pulled a blanket over our entangled bodies.

"And I thought that we'd share a shower first thing tomorrow…" I said, but it turned into a groan because Bobby started kissing me anew.

the end



Please don't look harshly at the part with the mails. Bobby should know Alex's mail address and backwards.

I stole the scene with the check of Alex's amazing body from the first season Californication.

Tags: ci_fans_unite, fanfiction, season: seven
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