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Alexandria - Prologue

Thanks so much Suzanne and Susan for helping me with my big Post Loyalty project.

Flavour: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren + a tiny little bit Mike Logan and Elizabeth Rodgers.
Rating: T
Word Count: around 19 500
Synopsis: Post Loyalty – Alex POV – Bobby is on a secret mission of truth and there is only a sparse one way correspondence between the old partners. What happened to Alex in the weeks and months after the hug? Where will they meet again and what changed?
  • That's my big Post Loyalty project.
  • As I started Alexandria back in June 2010 I never had expected that there will be so many changes in North Africa and the Middle East. I'm overwhelmed by the courage of the people to fight for more rights. But my story played in winter/spring 2009/2010.
  • If you like to read and watch the more interactive version switch to my LJ for a title cover a floor plan, many pictures and much more.
Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.



'Please meet me in YOUR city – 4/29'

I stared at the six words and the date, displaying the day after tomorrow for the thousandth time. I still felt the nervous excitement like a butterfly buzzing in my belly. Turning the postcard to the picture side, my gaze wandered over the modern white architecture in the photo. On the water side the cylindrical concrete building penetrated the blue surface and the aluminum platform roof reflected the Mediterranean sky in the crooked glass. My eyes were caught by the letters 'Six…one of six' which were written in a corner of the picture. I felt the urge to touch the blue characters, to touch his letter, the only bond between us.

>>Flight SQ 25 to Frankfurt, International Airport now boarding at Gate 4<< droned a clinical female voice from the speakers. I reached for my well packed shoulder bag. Carefully I pocketed his card in my sweater. I'd given Liz my warm coat, before I left her car. I wouldn't need it for the next few days.

As I passed a stewardess my boarding pass and passport, my fingertips pushed slightly against the card. I knew every detail on it, the text, the picture, the address and the post mark: بور سودان Būr Sūdān 04-14-10.

>>This is the last call for Frankfurt Flight SQ 25, now boarding at Gate 4.<<

I was starting my 20 hour travel into the unknown. I was so excited. Would I meet him again? How would it be after five months of one-way correspondence? I couldn't believe that I had really fallen in love, fallen in love with someone I had known so long and so well.
Tags: alexandria, fanfiction, season: nine
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