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Alexandria - Wednesday December, 2nd

Chapter: 2
Word Count: 489

One week later – Wednesday December, 2nd

I slowed Bobby's purring 1965 four-wheeled love at a red traffic light. My gaze wandered from the pedestrians to the passenger's seat. I blinked a few times. It was true. My fingertips felt the smooth leather of his binder. He'd really left his most personal item behind. He really was gone.

It had been a big shock for me as I had entered Bobby's home an hour ago and found his apartment empty, his scent still lingering in the air. Until that I had thought it was just a bad joke that Goren hadn't answered any of my calls over the past nine days. I had tried to reach him numerous times from work and from home.

I had entered his tidy kitchen. Gone were all the signs of Bobby's private investigations into Loftin, Van Dekker and Milgram which had been scattered on walls and tables. I had to sit down, his open and empty binder in front of me on the table – on the top page of the notepad was a short letter to me.

Dear Eames,

sorry for my hastiness and not cluing you into my plans. If I had, you would have tried everything to change my mind and then I don't know if I could have been so strong. But I brooded all Saturday about the Captain, the FBI, your termination and my firing.

Maybe I acted too quickly, but as I ordered my tickets and made plans for the first steps my heart and mind calmed. I did the right thing.

Please water my plants and check my mail box. I leave my Mustang in your hands because I don't trust Lewis…

I'll be back as soon as possible. Hopefully finding the answers I need. I promise to take care.

Sincerely yours,


I'd fumed because Bobby had the time to write these words, but I still didn't know what he planned and to where he'd disappeared. It was dissatisfying to be peeved at him with no opportunity to argue. It was just shitty to quarrel with an empty wall.

A blast from the car horn behind me broke my thoughts and urged me to drive on.

I had been invited to lunch by Frieda Morton at the FBI. The news that I was looking for a new job had moved faster than light. But it felt great to be wanted. I was really excited about the offer from Agent Morton, but I also had sad and desperate feelings about the Bureau. I didn't know how I would react if I ran into Agent Stahl again. I didn't feel like working for the FBI and I planned to be short-spoken to Ms Morton. The offer needed to be very inviting to change my mind. The Bureau was not my only option. I had a meeting scheduled with the director of the Security Director of Paladin Dynamics on Monday.
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