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Season 10 News

Only 39 days left until the new season of Criminal Intent. The filming goes on. I think they started to shoot 10 x 04 Rispetto yesterday. We read a few things about guest actors and today NBC claimed to show the new season only one month later than USA Network [Monday, May 30 (9-10 p.m.)]. I think that is good for all people who can't afford to pay for TV.

All in all we're on a good way for the final season. But there are a few concerns. Will Bobby and Alex carry their old badges with the fond numbers? Is there a tie clip involved? At least Bobby got a new ID card. Okay, I can accept a photo change after 10 years.What is with the book side table and their desks?

I'm a little relieved because I read Law and Order and Pat a few minutes ago. Pat [twitter] is a cast member of the fourth episode and he was able to wander around the set last night, taking photos.

There are Bobby's and Alex's desk, the books and chairs: sigh.

Only 39 days...
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