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Alexandria - Friday February, 12th

Chapter: 5
Word Count: 620
A/N: I snagged the idea of that chapter from my friend Hannah and one of her wonderful 100 drabbles.

Homeward Bound – Friday February, 12th

Damn, why had I decided to take the Northern State Parkway on a Friday night? The streets were crowded and the closer I got to home from Melville the worse it got. During my first two weeks working in Suffolk County for the ATF I had had good luck with the traffic. In the morning when the most people wanted to drive into the city, I drove out and the opposite had been true in the afternoon when everyone wanted to get home. But today a driver with a truck which appeared to belong in a junkyard annoyed all other drivers with his presence on the icy street. He slithered through a traffic light and everything stood still at the intersection of Grand Central Parkway and Parsons Boulevard.

The young couple in the New Beetle in front of me moved their bodies' closer and came face to face. The windows steamed up and the whole car rocked. I smiled and thought of Joe and our first year together and how we had misused his Dad's Chevy. I blushed and grinned even wider. Brian and I had never been that spontaneous. Too uncomfortable had been his words and my naughty mood disappeared. I rubbed the root of my nose. You could transport a whole football team in his Ford Explorer. It was more than enough space to have a little fun.

I knew the generous space of an Explorer for sure and put a loose strand behind my ear. Grand Central Parkway - Parsons Boulevard I wasn't far away from Jamaica Hills. Last summer Bobby and I had suffered through a boring surveillance. We had been on the trail of Asian human traffickers and were trying to uncover their business topology.

It had been very late when one Triade member left the middle-class house in the well-off neighborhood. He had headed directly for our NYPD SUV. I had panicked slightly, but Bobby immediately grasped the situation. He had pressed the recliner of my seat, throwing me flat on my back. Then he'd crawled carefully over me. His left hand had sunk into the hair on the back of my head and the fingers of his right hand had entangled with mine. Everything happened in seconds. One moment Bobby and I had been bored from a stakeout and the next he had been snuggling with me, being tender. But as Bobby's lips started to nibble at my throat and then wandered higher, I'd known what to do. I had stroked his strong back which was just covered with a simple black T-shirt and as his lips reached mine, I let it happen. I let my partner kiss me – to save our lives. He had kissed me more gently and maybe more innocently than any man before him. As our eyes had met – there was a mix of tenderness and lust, warmth and desire.

It had been so very difficult to break that kiss, but as Wong Lie passed without one glance inside the SUV we stopped – we had been at work.

Damn, why had we never talked about that kiss? Today, many months later I really wanted to know what Bobby had thought and felt as I carefully sucked his bottom lip and he held me gently in his arms, stroked my back and held my neck. Did he even remember..?

I moaned breathlessly because I hadn't been so turned on in weeks. But I knew deep down that I could never equal the sweet tingly sensation I had remembering Bobby with anything I would experience with Brian. I sighed desperately and started the engine of the Mustang again. The traffic jam at the intersection had cleared.
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