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Alexandria - Friday March, 12th

Chapter: 8
Word Count: 825

Lunch Break – Friday March, 12th

I smirked about a funny note my friend Viviane sent me via email. I lifted my head and wanted to share, but my friend on the other side of the desk wasn't there. I shook my head. These situations hadn't happened often in the last months. But last night's dream had been very intense and I felt as if I had seen Bobby yesterday.

I sighed and opened the next mail.

Subject: Please accept my apology.
From: Robert Goren
Sender: r_goren61@yahoo.com
Date: 03-12-2010 08:13
To: aeames@jointaccess.net

Hey Alex,

I'm so sorry. I don't know what I have done.

I don't regret my feelings for you. They are true, but maybe I shouldn't have let you know. It's not fair to confess myself and not be looking into your eyes…

But I must say it, had to write my feelings down or I'd have torn myself into pieces I could no longer have put together.

Alex, I know you're in a relationship. I don't want to create any confusion. I wish you so much luck and happiness even if I'm not included in this plan. There is no one who deserves happiness more.

I'll be back soon. Please don't let my letter destroy everything we built. I can't wait to see you again and I hope we can talk about…

…talk about everything.

Sincerely yours


P.S. I don't know if I can arrange to get online again. Please don't be mad if I don't answer.

P.P.S. I'm healthy, only the heat is killing me.

I smirked from ear to ear and devoured Bobby's words again. He didn't know what happened last night and this electronic note amused me. How in the world could such a letter not create troubles? If I hadn't ended my relationship with Brian and hadn't had these soothing and new feelings about Bobby, then it would be a challenge for me and Bobby to go on with our friendship. I asked myself why he had never known what to say to me. He could handle all these perps so brilliantly but when it had come to me…

…difficult. Was that too vain, I chastised myself or did I get it right?

Before I saved the email in my private Bobby folder, I typed a short note knowing full well that the odds were looking not good that Bobby would read it.

Subject: Re: Please accept my apology.
Sender: aeames@jointaccess.net
Date: 03-12-2010 13:37
To: r_goren61@yahoo.com


don't worry, Bobby. Everything is all right between us.

We really have to talk.

I miss you so much.


I was reading an Easter brunch invitation email from my brother Patrick, as a guy from the administration department arrived with a stack papers.

"For you, Eames."

"Thanks, Granger." I nodded and took the passed file. Opening the manila folder, I skimmed over the first page. I saw my name, my date of birth and a lot of other personal information in my own hand writing. This was the patient form I had filled out for the blood-drug test I took in February.

On the bottom of the sheet of paper sported a big red stamp: NEGATIVE over a tiny line 'for more details see page 2 – 10'.

I knew that I passed the drug test in many different checked substances. Otherwise the ATF would never have hired me. This folder must be a copy of the full report for my personal files.

I turned over to page two and saw the logo of a well known government lab we also had used frequently at NYPD. Carl Landstiner had tested my blood between January, 19th and February, 4th.

On the next two pages were listed numerous narcotic analgesics like benzodiazepine, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine and opiates. All measured levels were considerably lower than the threshold values. The test duration was denoted beside every test. Each drug result required no longer than 72 hours. I frowned and scrolled back to check the dates again…over two weeks.

Skimming through page five, I found more test results. My new employer had also requested testing for non-drug related blood components. I felt annoyed. I had nothing against the tests, but to be asked would be much nicer. The lab had tested my cholesterol, glycerin and glucose level and a lot more I didn't understand because the tests were encoded.

One row aroused my interest. This was the only test which had lasted these whole 17 days: ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) – 4th generation.

I opened google to check the code.

Over 45 million results but the first link told me everything. The ATF tested me for HIV. I gulped and my eyes flew back to page six. Negative, I panted relieved. I hadn't expected another result – practiced safe sex since…since…Joe. Even in my longtime relationship with Brian I protected myself doubly with the pill and condoms. But to see the result in cold print soothed my anger.
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