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Two more Criminal Intent Season 10 Trailer

CI and IPS are Back-To-Back
This spring, USA Sunday nights are the safest place on television, because Criminal Intent and In Plain Sight are back-to-back!

Music Video : Law and Order: CI

An all-new season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent premieres Sunday, May 1 at 9/8C!

I love all the promo and can't wait until we see promo pictures. Although I still bed that Kathryn and Vincent will wear the same clothes like shown in the clips and will be in the same surrounding (broken glass, hall way,...)

Jippy, Bobby carries his old badge. I'm so relieved. I love when Alex removed the yellow tape. The doubled folded arms: perfection.

The filming for episode #4 ended yesterday and there will be a little break until April, 11th. I can't wait of more exciting on set reports of fans.

Yesterday, I finally animated the elevator b&w to color scene of the second trailer.

Tags: animation, artwork, criminal intent, season: ten
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