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Alexandria - Sunday April, 04th

Chapter: 9
Word Count: 1082
A/N1: I know the Staten Island Ferry is never empty ;o)
A/N2: More than the half of the story is published and I want to thank everyone who is interested in Alex's journey and read MY Post Loyalty project. Special Thanks go to all the people who hit the favs and/or Alert button. I'm really honored because of all the reviews. It's wonderful to read your (AriesOx17, rindy713, Gypsy5, skittles4me2, sgrfan, OuroborosSnyder, TriStateCopFan and basric) thoughts and support about Alexandria.

Easter – Sunday April, 04th

The sinking sun glistened on the water surface. "And, are you happy?" Liz laid her arms around my waist, while we stood at the railing of the empty upper deck. I swept a loosen strand behind my ear, looking back to Staten Island.

"Yes, I am." I sucked in the first warm spring air. "I'm relieved that everybody took the news so well."

"He wasn't the right one for you. We all knew."

I turned around and raised my eye brows. "And why didn't anyone tell me a little earlier?"

"Would you have listened to us?"

Another deep breath. "Maybe, maybe not…"

"Okay, Owen liked Brian, but I think just because of the good financial advice he got from him last summer." We both laughed.

Liz peeked aft and looked after her son and Gavin. Father stood behind son and helped him support the new spyglass the Easter bunny had hidden under the budding forsythia for the six years old.

"Do you want to go inside?"

"No, I love the wind in my hair and…and." I couldn't go on, but I finally had to tell someone or I would burst. Liz took my hand and squeezed it gently.

"I…I think I'm in…in love…" My lips trembled. God, it sounded so weird.

"Oh?" There was this special sparkling in the eyes of my big sister. "With whom?" she whispered. I had to turn away, fixing the horizon to suppress this prickling in my belly. But I failed. A grin entered my whole face. Liz caught it on the spot and leaned against me.

"With whom?" she whispered again directly in my ear, and her arms moved around my waist.

I sighed and kneaded my bottom lip. Liz pulled away my hand stopping my nervous gesture. "Okay, let's start with a few easier questions. Do I know him?"

I nodded.

"Ah, all right. Do I like him?"

My eyes flew quickly to my sister and caught hers. I had to think one second but nodded hesitantly.

"And what do you mean with I think? Are there butterflies in your belly when thinking about him?"

I nodded.

"Wobbling legs?"

More grinning.

"I would say, love." She winked. "Does he return these feelings?"

The sun disappeared behind Jersey City. I put my hands deep in the pockets of my light blue coat, feeling Bobby's last letter in the one on the right. I nodded once again.

"Spit it out, Alex. Tell me his name."

"Bobby," I sputtered against the wind, and nuzzled my blushing face against Liz's chest. It was the first time I formulated my feeling for Bobby loudly and it felt great. We passed Liberty Island and I laughed about this twist of fate.

"No," Liz gasped unbelieving, and held me arm length away to study my face. "Your partner."


"After all these years?"

"Mhm," I confirmed still monosyllabic.

Liz pulled me toward the bow of the ferry and away from her two sea gull observers. She knew that I would need privacy to confess everything and she wouldn't let me go before knowing every little detail. She would be an ace investigator.

"How? I thought he wasn't in town, for…for over four months."

"Five months," I corrected her under sighs. "He sent me notes and sent a few letters …a love letter written on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Aden."

"Romantic." I had to check Liz's face to see that there was no sarcasm. Her smiling was so warm and soothing. As if she knew everything years before I ever guessed. How could sisters manage this over and over again?

"I…I miss him so much, as friend, as constant in my daily life."

"I know." Liz reached again for my hand and we sat down a little bench.

"I can't explain this change in my feelings either, but although he wasn't here, with me…he was present. I got something very special and personal for Christmas, something which comforted me after the worst arguments with Brian. How in the world did Bobby know that I needed something like that?" I paused, but Liz still listened attentively so I continued. "I had to solve puzzles." I giggled, and shook my head about the stamp hunt. "I got a single white rose for Valentine's Day. Don't ask me how he managed that and…and in the night I broke up with Brian Bobby confessed his love. That's when I realized my growing feelings."

Liz sighed deeply and pulled me in a deep embrace.

"I'm afraid. What if this is just a rebound from Brian? He was mean and Bobby so sweet and with perfect timing," I confessed.

Liz frowned. "No – no. Why so insecure little sis? Close your eyes."


"C'mon, close your eyes."

I followed her request.

"And what do you see?"

I gulped. "Bobby," I breathed. "On my porch, waiting for me. God Liz, I miss him so badly."

"See, it's not just a reaction. Your feelings are true and real."

I nodded.

"When will he be back?"

"I don't know. Bobby wrote that it would be soon, but that was three weeks ago. I haven't had anything since an email in March." I took another deep breath and played with a single strand. "He is the right one. I feel it."

"Your blushing is too sweet, Alex. You finally deserve the right one and Bobby and you…"


"You know each other so well. Through thick and thin in all these years and now with these new feelings. I think it could work, now after your partnership. And don't forget he is really…" Liz made a little break and a naughty smile entered her face. "…yummy. A really delicious man not many women would pass. He can put his shoes under my bed anytime…"

"Liz," I yelled disgustedly.

"C'mon Alex. You never thought about it?"

"Not during our partnership."

"No, not one tiny time in nine years?" Liz raised asking her eye browns.

"Maybe once," I admitted, and felt my hot cheeks. "But after his last letter I thought about IT nearly every day."

"Whose letter?" Gavin asked, and we both winced startled, caught out like little school girls.

"No one," Liz responded. She picked up her courage quicker than me and stepped closer to her husband and son.

"Sister Secrets?"

We both nodded and together headed to the Exit. We would dock at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal in Lower Manhattan in a few minutes.
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