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Alexandria - Tuesday April, 27th

Chapter: 12
Word Count: 698

JFK: Gate 4 – Tuesday April, 27th

8:30 p.m. I had to hurry a little because Singapore Airlines SQ 25 to Frankfurt would take off in 115 minutes. But I took the time to look back to the Kiss and Ride area where Liz still waited in her car with a wide grin in her face. I winked a last time over my shoulder and entered the airport. I stepped to one of the online terminals for the check in and then joined the line to go through security.

Flight SQ 25 to Frankfurt, International Airport now boarding at Gate 4

744: Economy class – somewhere over the Atlantic

Still three and a half hour to Germany. I shifted in my seat and tried to find a more comfortable position. Half of the plane's passengers were sleeping and the rest were watching a lame movie. My thoughts ran back to my last long flight over the ocean.

Bobby and I had had to be at the airport in less than an hour to fly to Ho Chi Minh City to arrest Simon Fife there. But we had the luxury of flying Business Class to Vietnam in October '06. I remembered this magical occasion like it was yesterday. I'd woken up in this multi functional chair, deep snuggling in the soft blanket. As I had opened my eyes, I had looked deep into two soft brown eyes. I think Bobby and I had remained that way over several minutes, just looking, studying the face of the familiar partner.

A stewardess had broken our togetherness as she had given us our options for the next meal. But we had shared a moment…dear, there had been so many more moments during our partnership.

The plane fell in a small air pocket and the sudden jerk brought me back to present. I turned my head and looked into the sleeping face of my neighbor. The Twenty-something year old guy looked friendly. He had been resting for the last hour. I just hoped for more seat neighbors like him on my remaining travel.

Airport Hotel Alexandria – Thursday April, 29th

My reflection in the big cupboard mirror looked like hell. I peeled out of my crinkled clothes, leaving them in a ball on the floor. Completely naked I stepped into the bath, not much bigger than the plane lavatory and took a hot shower. It felt wonderful to wash away all the stress.

Another check in the mirror told me that the warm water had worked miracles. Seven hours of sleep should help, too. I set my cell phone alarm for nine and felt asleep before hitting the mattress.


I had planned at home what I wanted to wear, when seeing Bobby again. I was so nervous that dressing needed longer than usual. In this condition I hadn't managed a 'what to wear' decision. I slipped shaking into the olive cargo pants and plugged the black tank top in the low cut trousers. I loved how my butt looked in them and in combination with the flat brown sandals…Bobby should get something for our long separation.

I twisted my hair to the back of my head and hid the long strands under the green sun hat, sticking the sunglasses on the neckline of the top. I reached for my shoulder bag and opened the door. The hotel staff had ironed my white dress shirt and left the hangar on the door handle. I slipped into the shirt to protect my pale winter skin from the Mediterranean sun. Another reason of the long sleeve shirt was to cover my body a little bit in deference to the Muslim way of life. I checked the whole ensemble one last time in the elevator mirror. I was ready to meet Bobby. This still sounded surreal.

After a quick breakfast I checked out of the hotel and called a taxi. I was a big city girl, but using one of the busses or trams in rush hour traffic was a little too much after 20 hours in planes and airports. The funny cabby took me the few miles through the crowded streets to the coast and the Alexandria Library.
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