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Alexandria - On the roof

Chapter: 14
Word Count: 1844

On the roof – around midnight

"Would you like more tea?" Bobby whispered in my ear. How could he do this? How could he cause shivers down to my bones with such a trivial sentence? I disentangled from Bobby's lap and got up, shaking my head. Okay, maybe also sitting on his lap with his arms around me, snuggling kept me in a good mood.

I reached out for Bobby's hand. "I'm tired. Let's go to bed." But I was also able to send shivers and cause Bobby to tremble.

We gathered the plates and glasses and made a clean sweep on the roof-terrace. Slowly and thoughtful I stepped down the unfamiliar steep stairs. I reached for my luggage and wanted to vanish in the bathroom, but Bobby's words made me pause.

"Should I take the couch?" He asked uncertainly. I felt the little shock in my cheeks, First this cold shiver and then followed by burning, but I couldn't hide the growing smile on my lips. To be honest I thought half the evening about this topic but couldn't find a solution. But with the direct confrontation I knew what I wanted.

"I want to spend the night in your arms, Bobby," I confessed, and glanced upward toward him. I could see how Bobby's breath caught.

"Okay." He nodded and lowered his gaze. What would I give to read his mind now?

I brushed my teeth and my hair and took a quick shower to wash away the dust of the day. After toweling, I slipped inside the creamy chiffon negligee and the matching hipster panties I had bought in early April to treat myself after the break up with Brian and the awareness of my new feelings for Bobby. I loved A. W. Kaufman Lingerie, the little independent underwear and intimates shop in the Lower East Side I had discovered years ago. They had an amazing assortment and great consultants. The garment floated like silky water down my body. The slightly translucent negligee with the frilly hemlines was on the one hand kittenish but on the other hand, with the slit over the right thigh sexy and alluring.

The fabric swished quietly as I walked slowly from the bath to the bedroom. I passed a mirror and took a last look: acceptable.

Bobby was already in the big bed. He sat upright at the left side, his feet in the comfy looking blanked. The small room was dimly light with a few big candles and the atmosphere was crackling with exciting anticipation. I walked sensually to 'my side' of the bed, swinging my hips slightly. I knew that Bobby followed every one of my movements mindfully even through his eyes were obscured by shadows. I could tell he was short of breath.

"First your firm bottom in these pants and now your perfect body not really hidden in silk…are you trying to kill me, Eames?" Bobby gasped.

I felt my blush and my knee-jerk reaction of touching my throat, gave away my nervousness to my partner. Bobby got up on his knees and crawled to my side of the bed. He sat down his legs and looked deeply in my eyes. Now Bobby and I were on the same height. What an unusual situation.

"I don't know what…" I swallowed heavily. I couldn't tell where this insecurity now was coming from. Bobby swept his fingertips over my arms and shoulders, tried to catch the dancing shadows on my skin. He made it so easy for me to relax. He stroked my back and rested his hands on my hips, felt the smoothness of the silk.

"Come to bed. Everything will be easy. I promise."

I crawled into the bed. Now I had as usual to look up at him. Bobby gazed down at me. He stroked two long stands of hair which had fallen in my face - hiding me a little from the world - over my shoulders and his soft lips linked with my neck. My whole body began to tremble. I wrapped my arms around him and he laid me carefully down the sheets. Unbelievable how much I missed deep embraces with a man, missed the closeness which was created. I nestled languorously against Bobby, pressed my nose into his collar bone, drunk from the scent. It really was easy. We kissed and touched a little longer, exploring each other tenderly without breaking the fine line between cuddling and foreplay. The time of full passion would come much too quickly and we wanted to enjoy – without speaking – the initial phase a little longer. "Ready to spend the night in my arms?" Bobby repeated my words.

"I am."

"Because when I keep on sucking at your tongue…" Bobby cleared his throat.

"I know. I'm hot as well."

"Shhhhh! Don't say it out loud, or I can't hold back." We both laughed softly.

I turned on my side and Bobby snuggled close behind, wrapping me in his heat.

"I need you so much, Alex. I've wanted you for so long. Did you know?" Bobby whispered as the last candle died, and the small room sank into darkness. He pulled me even closer to his body and I could feel safety radiating off his body.

"Yes," I answered with reserve. "I…I felt it, your longing a few times, but I had to be strong. One of us had to be strong. I couldn't lose you, loose our partner- and friendship. It'd been my most important constant over the last years. If I had let it happen, a wild and senseless night. I wasn't ready to risk everything and the price we would have paid would have been much too high."

"I'm so happy that you changed your mind." Bobby kissed my cheek.

"Yes, me too. Now the time is right. I'm certain and I know now neither one of us would regret something, the morning after. I can't wait to explore the new levels of our relationship with you."

"Me neither." Bobby rolled on his back and became quiet. I thought it would be difficult to share a bed again with someone else. In the last months I had gotten used to lot of room in bed. I turned around and rested my head on Bobby's chest. I took a last glance through the roof light to the blinking stars before I closed my eyes and felt asleep.

Morning sun through dirty glass – Friday April, 30th

Dish clattering and the scent of hot strong coffee woke me. But I didn't want that wonderful night to end. So I pressed my face again into the soft pillow and enjoyed the warm sunbeams on my naked legs. Most of my negligee was draped around my waist. I lay in the middle of the bed and couldn't feel Bobby anywhere. The chattering stopped. I turned my head sleepily and could see from the corner of my eyes that Bobby was leaning in the doorframe. He had the breakfast tray with the steaming coffee in his hands – his gaze on my sunlit butt.

"How long have you been checking my ass?" I murmured, and sprawled even more lasciviously.

"Not that long," he set the tray on the dresser and sneaked closer, "but long enough that I could get use to it and never get bored seeing it. Why have I never noticed those legs?"

"In the most cases I hid them with pants," I wanted to tease but ended up screaming the last words because Bobby tickled me from my calves to the hollow of my knees. I rolled around, to get away from his nimble fingers. But he followed me under the sheets, pressed gently his lips on mine to wish me a good morning. I also could get use to this.

Like in my last lazy Saturday dreams Bobby fed me between kisses with sweet pastries and grapes. We had no newspaper to share, but to snuggle against my partner, his arms around me made up for this little inaccuracy.

We had so much fun and laughed so much that I made a mess with the Danish filling. The jelly dripped slowly on my cleavage and slipped deeper. Bobby took my cup of coffee and placed it beside on the night stand. He followed the gluey trail down with his lips and tongue.

My breath quickened but I didn't stop Bobby. Carefully he pulled down the negligee, slipped the neckline over my breasts. I couldn't stand his hot lips on my glowing skin and moaned loudly. Bobby lapped smacking the sweet filling and then fixed me with his penetrative eyes. I didn't nod, but my sensual lip licking gave the starting signal.

Bobby sank his face down my chest again and nipped slowly up my breasts. Before he reached the tip of my mounds, he turned and began a slow circle around my nipple. I swore that I stopped breathing. I just remembered how his nose, lips and tongue danced against my skin. He knew how to play my body so that I vibrated like a plucked violin string.

I couldn't describe what I felt as Bobby finally took my erect nipple between his lips and sucked me tenderly, and then a little wilder and then again really gently before he switched to the other breast and started anew. Also his fingertips felt phenomenal as they played with the sensitive little nub or stroked my exposed throat and belly.

I pressed my head in the pillows, just enjoying, but with my hands I could reach Bobby's back and shoulders to caress him.

Bobby answered my deep groaning with fierce sighing.

"Is it good for you?" I could hardly speak.

"I'm in heaven." Bobby moaned, and crawled back to my face before he tenderly kissed my lips.


"I'll never get enough of you, Alex…finally," he whispered, and nibbled at my neck. I turned on my belly to give him better access and savor the action a little more. In my ear he murmured, "How hot are you?"

"V…very. And you?"

To show me his desire, Bobby rubbed his hard erection against my butt. "Oh my…" I breathed.

"So when we want, we could?"

I nodded.

"Do you want to?"

"Yes," I agreed, but gulped.


"Every time I…I imagine our first time."

"Yes?" Bobby kissed me between my shoulder blades.

"I…I imagine you and I…"

"Oh yes!"

"In your home, your amazing big bed."

"What a beautiful idea, we should do that." Bobby lay next to me, snuggled his long frame close mine.

"I know Alexandria is a perfect exotic place for many fabulous memories." I nearly gave in to Bobby's wishes and my vibrating crotch and straddled him. Anyhow, I tried to be strong. "Is it okay to wait?" I asked a little unsure.

"More than okay, but I need a cold shower."

I popped my chin on my palms and licked my lips sexily. "Maybe we can find a compromise and I join you under the water. Help you cool off?"

"God, Alex!"
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