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Alexandria - Business Class

Chapter: 15

Word Count: 1559

Business Class – somewhere over Greenland

I awaked from a little nap in the huge and comfortable 'earned every single dollar' business class seat and felt Bobby's eyes resting on me.

We'd had so much luck with the return flight. After another great day in Alexandria with sightseeing antiquities, Bobby had agreed to start on the homeward journey.

He had understood my concerns being back in New York in time for work on Monday. I hadn't known if we had managed to get a 'short' flight or a long one. We had visited the airport Friday afternoon and were able to book a flight for early Saturday. The night had been short but very romantic and naked, but not...

…we held out for my Bobby's Big Bed plan.

For the little hop to Cairo we didn't get seats together, but did on the Paris segment. I had spent most of this sleeping, awakened only by Bobby's painful groans because of the small seats and the cramped legroom. I had tried to ease his tensions with gentle neck and scalp massages, but the four and a half hours had been torture for him.

Because we had had a stopover in the City of Love of over five hours we used the opportunity for an upgrade. I hadn't known if Bobby would survive nine more hours in economy class. The plane to JFK had been only half full and therefore we got the upgrade for a decent price.

Rubbing my sleepy face I returned Bobby's look and smiled. There were so many emotions in Bobby's eyes. Emotions I had never seen during our partnership. When had this change happened? I couldn't totally believe everything yet. I took his hand and kissed his palm. Then I dared to say, "And I thought all these years that I wasn't your type."

"Why?" Bobby asked perplex and stroked my chin. "I like independent and strong women who know what they want. That describes you perfectly."

I knew that I blushed, but Bobby's lovely face soothed me. He lowered his back rest to move closer and bent over me. Softly Bobby laid his lips against mine and kissed me tenderly.

"And you're hot. I get the full package."

We both laughed and snuggled a little longer under the thick blankets. I didn't know how my hand got lost in Bobby's pockets. But I stumbled across a smooth little wrapping and produced a square condom packing.

Now Bobby was the one who get beet red and tried to explain while stumbling over his own words. I started to giggle and was really curious about his explanation, knowing too well that the condom hadn't been in his pants Thursday night.

"Where did you get this?"


"And why?" I still giggled.

"I…I…I got it from a vending machine in the men's room in Charles de Gaulle. We booked the better seats and I wanted to be prepared when you decided to..."

"What?" I asked a little puzzled.

"…join the mile high club." Bobby gulped the last words.

I started laughing uncontrolled. "Were you ever in an aircraft lavatory?" I snorted.

He nodded and looked around to see if someone could overhear us.

"Do you believe we could fit together inside?

Bobby shrugged his shoulders.

"And move?"

"But at least with one part we would share your body. Maybe then we would fit?" Bobby breathed quietly in my ear, and I felt that warm billows of lust waft through my abdomen.

"Oh my," I gasped. "Bobby!" And slapped playfully his chest.

"Something so dirty out of your mouth?" I was amusedly appalled.

"Don't say you don't want me that way," he murmured. "Yesterday night you were crazy about my words while I…"

"Shhh," I covered his mouth with my hand. "Maybe…" I whispered, and rubbed my nose against his neck. "But we don't need this." I put the condom back in his pocket and curled my lips. "I'm safe and on the pill." I jumped up and walked toward the small bathroom. But Bobby didn't follow me. He needed a little time to handle the shock, to process the information and what it would mean for him…us, when finally entering his bedroom.

In front of Bobby's apartment – Saturday night May, 1st

I looked back to the anthracite dream of a car. Sadly, this was our last solo spin.

Liz had picked up Bobby and me at the airport. First she had driven to Brooklyn to take Bobby to his apartment and then she had brought me to Forest Hills. At home I had taken a quick shower and creamed my full body with a decent but mellifluous lotion. In addition I had packed a little bag, so I could leave for work on Monday from Bobby's home. Inside the luggage was no nightgown. I wouldn't need it, I thought dirtily and blushed.

Before unlocking Bobby's door I waited till my face settled to its normal color. Was that really true? Had these last five days really happened? Everything felt so unreal. Everything had changed…changed for the better. I was so relieved.

The hall and kitchen were dark. I put my bag beside the door and slipped out of my shoes and jacket. In the last months I had become familiar with Bobby's home. I walked down the hall without needing to switch on the lights. I found Bobby in the middle of his living room. He sat cross-legged in simple slacks and a dark tee down the floor, surrounded by numerous job offer letters. He looked desperate with the tousled hair.

"Hey!" I said, as I got closer, but couldn't fight back the grin. I bent down to give Bobby a soft peck on his lips, but he reached around my waist to pull me down the carpet in a deep and sensual kiss. "I read your letter," he murmured in my mouth, and even deepened the kiss. "Alex, you feel like home, too. God, I can't get my mind off you."

I blushed again. Yes, it was true. We had risked everything and got the first prize. "Thanks for being so brave, Bobby," I whispered in his ear and kissed his neck. Slowly and tenderly I moved my lips over this special point behind his earlobe until his skin reacted. Nibbled at the spot that weakened both of us so much. I found out very quickly that Bobby loved my breath and lips on this area of his skin and I loved to nibble at his neck, wanted him to feel good.

"Brave?" Bobby asked puzzled, and a little distracted because of my nibbling.

I only sighed deeply and placed my hand against his chest over his heart. Bobby smiled warmly down me and stroked my face.

"Yes," he answered, and took one of the letters. "How did you manage all of this?"

With a warm smile I answered, "First, I didn't get so many offers and second I didn't have to handle them all together. They came day after day…like yours."

"Maybe," Bobby mumbled.

"I know you'll manage it. You're a clever boy." I teased Bobby, but to get serious again I added, "You'll make the right choice. I'm certain."

Bobby looked up from the letter from the DEA with these boyish puppy eyes, but then his gaze switched and got adult, very adult and devilish. "The ficus looks amazing."

"I know."

"And you cleaned everything."


"Changed the sheets."

My gaze flew to the open bedroom door and I nodded. Bobby crawled over me, pinned me down the floor. "I…I spent one night in your bed…"


"…and my mom raised me to change the sheets after sleeping in someone else bed."

"What a good daughter you are." He fixed my arms over my head. There was no escape, but who wanted to escape? "Really, really good." Bobby sank his frame carefully down on mine to kiss me very deep. With his soft lips and his playful tongue he took my breath, he took my clear mind and my free will. He took everything. I noted that my body wrapped automatically around his. With my legs hopelessly around his waist and my hands burrowed deep in his hair. There formed a guttural moan in my throat which vibrated my entire me. Bobby's response didn't take long in coming.

I noted that he first tensed a little and tried to hide his physical reaction, but as I pressed him even closer with my thighs and arms he gave in and rubbed his desire along my lust center

"Dear Bobby, I want to feel you, only you," I groaned. "Without anything between us."

A jerk hit Bobby's body. He knew exactly what I meant. "You didn't meet any desert beauty, did you?" I asked reserved.

He shook his head. "There were only ugly camel drivers."

"It's weird, but that makes me even hotter. Oh, Bobby…" He waited for me.

"S…should we fulfill a few fantasies?"

I could only nod.

Bobby lifted himself a little reluctantly off my body and got shakily up on his knees. In a smooth motion he wrapped me in an embrace, "You feel so amazing right in my arms." and carried me toward his bedroom. We both knew that we wouldn't be leaving his big bed before our dreams and endless imaginations became reality.
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