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Alexandria - Epilogue

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At Bobby's apartment – Thursday July, 1st

"You're looking phenomenal in that uniform, officer," I said with a wink, and Bobby cleared his throat with amusement. I touched the new insignia at his collar. I was so proud. Also my Christmas gift fit perfectly with his ensemble. The whole day had been so busy and this was the first time we were alone.

A few obligatory appointments followed Bobby's first day on duty. First there had been his official initiation on a big stage. I had grinned the whole time during the flower ceremony while Bobby had looked grumpy. He never felt comfortable at big events, when he wasn't the puppeteer. After the hoopla Bobby's boss invited us for dinner. Bobby's junior partner and his wife had also joined. We chatted informally in this little circle and had much fun. Tomorrow would start their difficult work. I was relieved because I had seen that Bobby, Carl Rivers and Marvin Brooks clicked. I crossed my fingers that they succeed with good team work.

"I think you made the best choice," I said happily. "Your team looks good…" My voice changed. Also Bobby heard it and stopped to loosen his tie. He just raised one eyebrow. "It's difficult to see you with new partners," I confessed.

Gently he took my golden cross between his fingertips and stroked a loosen strand behind my ear. "It's surreal that we won't work together anymore. Do you remember how I felt after picking you up last month from Melville and I saw you in the circle of your team?"

I nodded. This was something we both had to learn.

"But maybe we can change something so these things don't hurt so much," Bobby suggested, and pulled me down with him onto the couch of his living room.

"I need to ask you something," he said, and took my hands in his.

I was a little concerned because he looked so serious and swayed nervously back and forth. Something must have been agitating him over the last few days.

No ring, no ring, no ring, screamed my mind. That would be much too early. I noted that I held my breath and gasped excitedly for air.

"No, God no, this is not a proposal."

I sighed relieved and we both laughed.

"I don't want to spend one more night without you by my side, Alex."

I smiled. "How many nights over the last two months we haven't share one bed?"

"Four or five," Bobby admitted. "But even these few were too much and now with my job..."

I nodded. Maybe the organization would get a little bit more complicated, but to drive from Forest Hills or Greenpoint to the ATF was just a ten minute difference.

"Did I tell you about the old couple in my house? The Stern's who live in the duplex apartment of the top most floor," Bobby said.

"Yes, I remember them."

"Mr. Stern is having a hip joint surgery next months."

"Oh!" I frowned, still not getting what Bobby wanted to tell me.

"I really love your house," he stated. "I feel home."


"I…I don't want to leave my neighborhood."

"Okay." It began to dawn. "Do you want to…?"

"Let's move in together, Alex," Bobby spluttered. "The Sterns asked to change apartments with them. Their children are grown up and the steep stairs are more and more difficult for them. They would take my small first floor apartment and I…we could have the big one, creating a new home for us."

"So all plans are done," I said amused. Bobby nodded guiltily.

"I've moved the last years so often. I don't care where I live, Bobby. I only want to be with you."

The End

Thanks so much for staying with me and reading Alexandria, my vision of a post Loyalty time. Not in my wildest dreams I imagined so much positive response on that story. The honor feels so good after all the months of work. I never did so many researches for a fanfiction but the result is impressive. Special thanks go to all the people who left me a few words and I want to thank again my cimusings girls who helped me so much during the creative process.

I'll polish my next story now and will definitely publish it before May 1st. [It's unbelievable that we'll get them back. Eight more new cases with Bobby and Alex!] Because I didn't wrote M in a very long time, the whole story is sensual.

Stay tuned and we'll read us, Antje.
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