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Early CI Easter Bunny

Eastern is around the corner, Criminal Intent will finish filming Cadaver today,...

For three days the whole CI cast and crew had been on the campus of Einstein Hospital. Several fans joined them and took pictures and video clips. Source: ursamajr, p_d_s

Vincent D'Onofrio poses for photos after rehearsing a scene from "Cadaver" and the cast films a scene from episode 5 of Law and Order:Criminal Intent, Season 10. Filmed on location outside the Block Pavilion at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Boogie Down Bronx.This episode will air in mid-June 2011.

Vincent, Kate and guest stars Rosalind Chao and Camille Chen rehearse a scene in "Cadaver" and Kate and Vincent pose for fan photos on set in Morris Park, the Bronx.

Read the full on set report here and here at Vincent and the Mystic Pizza Box.

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