havers (havers) wrote,

10 x 1 (eh'hem 10 x 4) RISPETTO

USA Network promo for Law & Order Criminal Intent "Rispetto"...where is the ORDER when we need it???

Yesterday night started amazing. I could add a few questions via twitter to Vincent and Dick Wolf and the interview with StarryMag. I'm looking forward the answers ;o) I was in a very good mood.

Then All Things Law & Order published that Rispetto would be the season opener for Criminal Intent, airing May 1st and I got a little frightened. They filmed that ripped from the headlines - Charlie Sheen thing as number four. WTF? I want the reunion of Bobby and Alex in the Major Case Squad as first scene. I want the introducing of Captain Hannah. I want the right order.

As I went to bed around 1 am it was official. The promo clip for Rispetto was out. All my tiny hopes they would bring back the episodes in the right order died.

From happy excitement of the new Criminal Intent season to OMG, what are they doing? in less than five hours.

Let's hope they speculate of good quotes with that episode but then stay with the right order.

Tags: criminal intent, season: ten
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