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Countdown to Criminal Intent - Season 10

Only one more week!
What is it like getting to work with Kathryn again?

Vincent D'Onofrio:
She's great. She's great. We work very well together and I'm in my dressing room but in the studio right now we've been working together since this morning and just truly at ease with each other, been doing it for a very long time. I knew her before we started doing the show together. I couldn't imagine anybody else playing that part. And it just works. It just works, hands down. It works. It never fails.

Read the whole interview with Dick Wolf and Vincent on pazsaz.com


'Law & Order: CI' To Do Episode Inspired By Botched 'Spider-Man' Musical
By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Saturday April 23, 2011 @ 3:43pm PD on Deadline.com.

What if one of the many incidents of actors getting injured on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark had a tragic outcome? Law & Order: Criminal Intent will explore such a scenario in an upcoming episode clearly inspired by the debacle that the Spider-Man musical had become, TVLine reports. In the fictional version, the splashy musical is titled Icarus, from a high-strung director and a secretly bisexual rock-star composer. This is the latest episode of the Law & Order franchise featuring ripped-from-the-headlines stories this season. CI is also doing an episode starring Jay Mohr as a Charlie Sheen-like character, and Law & Order: LA is doing an episode inspired by the murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen.

A second article of Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick to the same theme can be read here: Exclusive: Troubled Spider-Man Musical Gets the Law & Order Treatment — With a Killer Twist
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