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I think you know my friend T’Jara and her addiction to Burberry [Read: Burberry is everywhere]. Yes, she infected me slightly and over the long Berlin winter I saw so many people with familiar scarves.

Bobby has that nice Burberry coat and also Megan wore the brand. Even Claire Savigny of Paris, enquêtes criminelles has a Burberry coat. Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture. My digital ZDF copy is horrible.

But we never saw Alex in Burberry.

Thanks so much untapdtreasure for using Renewal as current alexeames_still icon challenge. First I thought, oh no. Not again Renewal. I made so many icons of Alex sitting at the desks. But that is not the only scene with her in the Megan & Mike episode.

There is that jump over the restaurant counter. And what flashed when you click cap by cap?

Tags: animation, artwork, criminal intent, season: six
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