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Three more days left

I’m happy, really really happy. Criminal Intent is getting even closer. Unbelievable, only Friday, Saturday, Sunday…
…I hope I’ll have Rispetto Monday to enjoy.

More advance photos of Rispetto on facebook. I love Alex's combination of blouse and slip-over.

There are three more articles about the show. Finally we can read also a few statements of Kathryn. She was really quiet in the whole promotion to season 10. But who could blame her after all the bad experiences of the past?
…It was just Goldblum and Burrows in the ninth year, and now Erbe says she and D'Onofrio are "so excited to be back. I was devastated to be let go. I love the character, I love the job, and I love all the people I get to work with every day. We have an amazing crew, 95 percent of whom waited to come back to do these eight episodes with us, out of incredible loyalty. And the fans have been so amazingly supportive, it just feels good all around."

Also a veteran of movies ("What About Bob?") and theater ("The Speed of Darkness"), Erbe adds that had D'Onofrio not agreed to return for the swan song of "Criminal Intent," she still would have been up for it.

"As a working mom, I need a job, and this is one that I know. As a woman in this business, it is not easy to have your life respected, and these people are incredibly supportive of my being a family person. They do their best to help me achieve that, and I don't know where else I would find that.

"Vincent and I have such a history, we really get along well. We have a shortcut to everything we do; we really don't even have to talk about stuff anymore. We just look at each other and know exactly what we need to do in certain situations, in terms of what might need to be punched up in a scene and how to handle it. It is such an amazing feeling to have worked with him for essentially 10 years and for us to know each other so well."…

…Goren and Eames still will be seen in "Criminal Intent" repeats, some of which make up entire programming days on USA, but Erbe will picture their lives continuing. "I am choosing not to believe that this is the end of these characters," she says. "Whether they come back on another 'Law & Order' or in some other capacity, I feel they have given so many people so much enjoyment, I can't really think about it in any other terms."…

There were again a lot of fans on set [The Last Street in Manhattan] and a few shared their pictures of Kathryn and Vincent: ENJOY.

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