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The last missing answer

I think you caught the good news at Saving Goren and Eames Now now re-named: Goren and Eames Saved!

In the middle of last week we finally got an answer of Kathryn to our binder good buy letters.

Vincent's and Eric's quick response to all of our entries were so lovely and heartwarming. I didn't expected an answer of Kathryn after such a long time. You had seen me as Susan send the scans. I was so overwhelmed and amazed and also speechless at the same time.

Kathryn really liked all of our letters. They were helpful for her ongoing. I'm more than happy. This is for everyone who participate. We did everything right and gained so much more.


To everyone involved in the Binder Project –

I can’t begin to say how sorry I am that it has taken me this long to respond to your unbelievable overwhelmingly beautiful gift. I can only say that in November of ’09 when I was let go from C.I. I was devastated and receiving the binder you all made for me was such a lifesaving gift I didn’t know how to acknowledge it. I was going through so much grief at the time that I was just trying to keep myself together. I would take out your binder in some of my darkest moments, when I was feeling so hopeless and your words were like bolts of sunshine. How can I ever thank you for such a beautiful gift? I will treasure it forever. We are hard at work making new shows that I feel sure you will love! We are back on the show – thanks in no small part for all of you and your fierce love and support!

With so much gratitude – Katie (Kathryn Erbe)

Click on the Saving link to take a look at the scans.
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