havers (havers) wrote,

Criminal Intent 20 in 20 - Round Eight

These are my entries of Round 8 of crimintent20n20.

With texture and tutorial help of: endou, haudvafra and bttrfly_kiss.

Although we had three great new Criminal Intent episodes, I ran out of ideas about my AC icons. But at my micro fluid university course I found the solution. I wanted to do CI stock opener icons for a longer time.

I'm really curious about the other LOST icons. I only had that one idea. I need to see variations.

anger burn dance escape free-for-all
half lost otp required image work

5 Category - Emotions
thoughtful oh oh suspicious frustrated impressed

5 Artist's Choice

Plus five more:

Tags: 20 in 20, animation, artwork, ci20in20, criminal intent, icons
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I think they are ALL stunning.
Thank you!

Did you read my longer comment on your icons? I would love to talk closer about that topic. Do you have any suggestions for my icon work?
Your icons are beautiful. I haven't gotten to your other post. I seem to move from present to past entries. But any and all suggestions on how to improve, I'm eager to hear. Right now I am experimenting.

See my icon--that's me.
Great icons! :) Love the emotions the best, and "dance" :D
Thank you...oh yes DANCE is sweet. I love that scene.
my internet hates me. i had a comment already and it screwed up and then didn't send it. here is try two. :D

i love these. i love your artist's choice set! c#2-c#4 are my faves. your required image icon is superb. i must have so I will steal snag it. With credit of course :)
Oh what a crappy internet. I have problems at home as well, but I think it's my computer.

I hope your computer let you snag the required image icon ;o)

It was good not to press both face of the image in the icon and only decide for one head.
Arrgg have to get mine finished! These are terrific. I had such trouble with mine, for lost i just did one of KE looking lost with lots of negative space. love all of them, great idea for the artists choice :)
Oh, I can't wait to see your set. A lost looking Alex is a nice idea.
I love your stock opener icons. :)

I'm almost done mine. I need to do an escape icon and an emotion icon and I'm done.
Yeah, I can't wait to see your set.
I love these. :)
I even really like the one that is an "extra" for -free for all-
with the question marks! ;)
Thank you...it was a hard decision between the icon with and without questionmark.