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Worst Friends++ Update

Because we hadn't heard something about Worst Friends in the last couple of weeks and there are also no new articles about Richard Tanne's project, I wrote him an email to ask about the state of the Worst Friends affairs.

Here is his answer:

Hi Antje,

Thank you very much for checking in and for your continued interest in our film. The film is coming along great! Post-production is going smoothly but taking a tad longer than we anticipated. We are holding off on entering film festivals and trying to secure distribution until we are convinced we have the best possible version of the movie. We're very close, but I'm hesitant to give you an ETA because these things are hard to predict.

Thanks again for checking in and I promise to update you as soon as there is anything concrete!


In this whole process I also tried to contact the producers of Sunny Side Up. They still ignore my emails. I only hear from Chris of TheReel who had contact to Erica Hampson: Sunny Side Up is just finishing up its post production, and she [Erica Hampson] is not sure what will happen with it yet.

So maybe we'll get an exciting film festival autumn 2011 with a lot of Kathryn movies or maybe a very busy 2012.

P.S. Today the 3 Backyards facebook page claimed their attendance at the Sedona International Film Festival.
When you're in Arizona and have time at May, 24th get your ticket for one of the two screenings. Read more here.
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