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Young Alex?

I read a nice conversation on twitter yesterday. A few of my CI friends talked about the photos at Johnny Eames’ home. I was curious and took a second glance.

Can we assume that the big b&w picture is Alex with her dad? I say yes, because it’s the one Bobby took a closer look.

Maybe we also see Alex with her mom. But the Eames kids are at least three or maybe four [Alex, Liz and at least one brother]. It’s a wide field of speculation.

The other question is, do we see a young Raymond J. Barry with one of his kids in this photo? Like my friend citjara would say: ‘if Criminal Intent would be a Don Bellisario (Magnum, NCIS, JAG, Quantum Leap…) show…’ Yes that would be such a sweet Easter Egg.

I read in Jay Mohr’s Blog that it lasted a whole day to shoot his family pictures of Rispetto.

This way or the other…
…it’s amazing how much details we see in Criminal Intent. I have to watch all the episodes again to catch more.
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