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The one step too much…

Yes, I confess seeing Bobby having his shrink sessions, talking about hidden places of his mind and soul, wanted me also one talk about Alex.

But I want him to chat about his friendship, his trust – although ‘all people lie’, being ambiguous. But not a: ‘Do you love her?’ Whatever he would answer (What? C’mon, she is my partner.), fans will get hurt. See, I should be very careful what I wish.

But I watched the new trailer several times. Something is wrong. Of course the Network will make as much money as possible. They need as much people who watch Criminal Intent live to satisfy their advertising affiliates. How? Making a new trailer and creating much excitement with love.

When looking at Bobby’s clothes of the first three sessions, he wore a dark suit, white shirt and a tie at The Consoler. But in Boots on the Ground and also in The Last Street in Manhattan Bobby wore both times a dark suit (or jacket with dark jeans?) and a grey shirt without tie.

After the love question, Bobby burst out. He wants to give away his badge when the bosses want to have it. But that is not the same session. It’s not his reaction of: ‘Do you love her?’. The whole trailer is a mix.

Don’t look at Bobby. Okay, that is hard but take a look at the outfit of Dr. Severin. She asked the love question with big ear rings and in a black top/cardigan. When Bobby stood up and wants to give away his badge, she carries no ear rings or very small ones and a red blouse with a black jacket.

What do we learn? Not people lie, trailers lie.

Yes, I am a shipper but I don’t want an answer on a direct love question. I know the chances to hear the in my ears wrong answer is much bigger than to get satisfied.

Download the clip at megaupload.

[Sorry for the picture quality, the trailer was filmed with a camera of the TV. But THANK YOU SO MUCH my Vincent and Kathrynnd CI source. I'm so lucky to have you. After reading all the trailer tweets last night I was so scarred but after watching the clip I'm soothed again.]
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