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Film Festival Marathon

Today you can watch three of Kathryn’s current movie projects at three film festivals. Maybe you’re able to arrange all together and use a beamer to switch from Mississippi, to Colorado to Staten Island.


If you have a little bit more time then join the big Criminal Intent set sale at Chelsea Piers from 8 am to noon.
CHELSEA PIERS—TV memorabilia fans and thrifty bargain hunters unite! From 8am to noon tomorrow, the canceled Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be cleaning house with a massive set sale. All you have to do is bring a box and fill it with whatever you want for just $5. A tipster tells us to look out for mint condition items, such as framed art work and photos, furniture, sinks, womenswear, menswear (no confirmed reports of any leather trench coats worn by Chris "Det. Mike Logan" Noth, though), shoes and...medical equipment. The items you can't fit in a box are priced separately. (We're assuming that includes the x-ray machines). Just follow the paper signs along the East Roadway of Chelsea Piers between Piers 60 and 61. Cue the "doink-doink." [Racked Wire]

On the one hand I want to be there to stroll only one time through the so familiar but fare away set but on the other hand. USA Network couldn’t say more clear that Criminal Intent is over and that there is no chance to renew it again or bring it back in another form like a mini series (4 or 6 or 8 together belonging episodes) or a tv movie.

That’s it. Until now I was happy. Season 10 was so great and Kathryn and Vincent looked so happy to be back, played their two amazing characters fresh and with much joy. I knew it is the end and I was okay with it, but it hurts, yes it hurts to see it black on white.
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