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Carrot and Stick

Let’s start with the carrot…

Watch this cool video of Leslie Hendrix behind the scenes of Cadaver: Law & Order Vet Leslie Hendrix on Playing the Same "Cranky, Old Broad" for 19 Years. I so love her ME Liz Rodgers character. She and Mike had so great scenes. Never forgotten are the moments with Bobby poking in her dead bodies and she got the only on screen romantic relationship of Criminal Intent.

Click here for Kathryn and Vincent joking behind the scenes of Cadaver. ‘The big Eames conspiracy’ I burst out laughing.

Here is another Video of Kathryn on the set of Cadaver.

Kathryn Erbe inside the morgue for Law & Order: CI episode Cadaver

Kathryn Erbe takes the viewers inside the morgue for the Law and Order: Criminal Intent season ten episode, Cadaver.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Sunday 9/8c on USA

I can’t tell you how much fun and joy season 10 of Criminal Intent is for me. I love Bobby and Alex on screen. You can see how much fun Vincent and Kathryn had on set to slip again in their acting alter egos.

The network gave us twitter sessions with both main actors, lovely promo pictures and trailers and so many behind the scene clips with actors, directors and crew that I can count them all. I read over 50 articles, listened to radio interviews and watched TV show pod casts. Don’t forget the USA Upfront attendance of Kathryn and Vincent and how happy they look. It seems the Network likes Criminal Intent on the same level as they came to them back in season 6.

The most fans enjoy S10 and they ask what to do to get a little more. Even Dick Wolf, Vincent and Kathryn are more than willing to re-renew Criminal Intent.

But what is the Network doing? Three episodes before the big final they remove the set at Chelsea Piers, the home of Bobby and Alex and make a big sale.

For $5 you could fill up a cardboard box and leave with as many goods as you can.

This action says more than 1000 words. I asked myself if we would get a final press release after the airing of ‘To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap’. But this way they don’t need to say anything.

But when you want to do anything against the canceling, twitter @USA_LawOrderCI and keep telling the network you want CI back. You also can spread the world at the USA Network Board. Ruby opened a new thread for more Goren and Eames.
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