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My email to TPTB

I really enjoyed the final of Criminal Intent. So it was the perfect time to write finally to NBCUNI.


Here is my email to Mr. Wachtel. Please write, twitter, blog, use facebook and the LJ when you want more Criminal Intent.

Dear Mr. Wachtel,

first of all, I want to thank you for a great season 10 of Criminal Intent and a perfect last moment and end of my favorite show. All the promotion, the trailers, behind the scenes clips, articles, interviews and twitter sessions with the actors weren’t expected but so welcome.

I see you enjoy Bobby and Alex solving crime and having a little extra fun as much as we fans do. I’m addicted, I’m addicted to Goren and Eames all over again. It was so hard to lose them after Loyalty but to lose them again…

10 years of Criminal Intent will end on a high note, a very high note with amazing rates. Congratulation!

Of course it’s better to end a show on a maximum were everyone yearns for more after the last episode than having a last season no one wants to watch.

But I can’t Bobby and Alex let go without to raise my voice and fight once again.

Criminal Intent is the best show on television. It’s my most favorite tv-series and Alex and Bobby became friends. Vincent’s and Kathryn’s work was amazing. They are the best and I’ll miss them working together so much.

I know you made a decision to end Criminal Intent. The fire sale a couple of weeks ago said more than thousand words.

But please think again about what you’ll miss when saying over and out. Create a new tv concept. Make a CI movie, a mini-series or another season. I know Kathryn and Vincent want to go on with their characters. So please think of your motto: Characters Welcome.

All the best from Berlin
Antje Buchholz
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