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Law & Order's Kathryn Erbe and her absolutely adorable rescue puppy!

Two days ago, I found this sweet report of someone who met Kathryn and Lilah on the street back in 2008.

September 14, 2008 by Andrea Harner

While Jonah and I checked out the Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill neighborhoods this weekend, I spotted the. cutest. puppy. walking towards us (easily as cute as the puppy above although I couldn't find a photo that really looked like him). As usual, I stared down the pooch with no regard for the human being walking the fluffiness. My googley eyes met puppy's heart-shaped eyes and there was no stopping the love fest that ensued. I was practically making out with the pooch when I finally looked up at the human holding the leash to ask what breed her dog was...and I noticed that her face was the same face I watch hours of every week on my murder wall (what Jonah calls the wall onto which I project my assortment of DVR'ed crime shows)...Detective Eames!! So cool!

She was super nice and the best part is that her puppy is a rescue! Go Kathryn!

I'm not a dog person and would never touch a not familiar dogs on the street, but Lilah is such a beauty and I would like to stroke her soft fur one time.

Here are pictures of Lilah as puppy and a current picture of her and Tallulah (Kathryn's secon rescure dog).

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