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100 Drabble - Wave


My wonderful 100 beta gorengal installed a Law & Order newsletter [lando_daily] here at the LJ a few weeks ago. She also added every time a graphic section with links to new made icons, banners and also drawings. I already saw amazing work and on Monday I made an own little search on deviantART.com. Beside a lot of great and funny CI stuff, I found this amazing drawing of Alex made by blackhair85. Follow the link and pass her a comment.

The picture and the cutline inspired my current 100 drabble. Enjoy

Alex Eames in a Goren shirt...
I´m a huge fan of the Law & Order: Criminal Intent series... so here´s a try at Alex Eames, portraied by the wonderful Kathryn Erbe...

Relaxing after a hard day of work, wearing one of Goren´s shirts, which is of course three times too big for her...

Title: Relief in a Bobby shirt
Prompt: Wave
Flavor: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alexandra Eames
Rating: T
Word Count: 101

The damned heat was broiling her all day long. New York City and the rest of the US were caught in one of the worst heats wave of all time. The air conditioner at OnePP and Major Case died two days ago and also Alex’s court afternoon wearing a black suit, white blouse, pantyhose and pumps didn’t help to cool down.

Now after a long and fresh shower Alex relaxed on her couch. She had put one of Bobby's dress shirts in the fridge, and slipping it on made her moan languorously. Goose bumps covered her skin and shook her body.
Tags: criminal intent, drabble, fanfiction, law & order 100
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