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Fabulous Film Festival Fall

Mother’s House will be shown in several film festivals in the next months.

Try to catch one of the events (exact dates will be published the next days) and watch Mother’s House! The movie is worth to start being a film festival visitor.

September 21-25 - the 12th annual Woodstock Film Festival [New York]
October 06-09 - Louisville's International Festival of Film (LIFF) [Kentucky]
October 20-23 - Mother's House at Ojai Film Festival [California]

When you’re not close enough to one of these three places, I know there will be even more film festivals to catch the movie. Just check the MH facebook wall or the homepage and you’re up to date.

August 19th there also popped up the news that the wonderful film of Ingrid Price and Davis Hall won the 2011 Silver Colorado Film Award.

2011 Colorado Film Festival Announces Award Winners: Colorado Film Award - Silver is awarded to Mother's House (USA) directed by Davis Hall. While emptying his late mother's rural home, Thomas and his wife, Catherine, discover increasingly disturbing secrets until the conflict between memory and truth threatens to destroy them both.

Congratulation even when I couldn’t find any information about this organization. I think even the MH team didn’t know for sure. See their kickstarter entry:

Dear Kickstarters,
We're not sure what the "Silver Colorado Film Award" is, but we're mighty proud that Mother's House won it!
Go, Team, go!

Chris Washington posted the second part of the One Year Later clip. I think you can catch a glimpse of Kathryn when filming the car scene. But I’m not sure. Enjoy Tim dancing on the wire.

There are no more news about Kathryn’s other movies beside one tweet of Richard Tanne after a question of Nantz.

richardtanne Richard Tanne
We're in the last stages of post. Film will be totally complete in early September! RT @Nantzee Anything new with "Worst Friends?"
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