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STORIES ON 5 STORIES: Dirty Laundry: "Chat"

Playwrights Horizons published 26 photos of their ONE-NIGHT-ONLY EVENT: STORIES ON 5 STORIES: Dirty Laundry.

See here the three pictures with Kathryn. She played in 'Chat' written by Tanya Barfield, directed by May Adrales.

Actress Parker Posey, PH Artistic Director Tim Sanford, PH Board Chair Judith O. Rubin, and actress Kathryn Erbe at the Stories on 5 Stores after party

Event guest [I think it's Erica Hampson] and actress Kathryn Erbe.

Kathryn Erbe and Leland Gantt perform in Tanya Barfield's play "Chat," directed by May Adrales.

What a beautiful necklace. This sweater looks also really cool and I like that her hair is getting darker again.
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