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TVRealm: episode 2 x 23 - Character Playlist

Episode: Episode 2x23 - Character Playlist for the tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Create a music playlist you think your favorite tv character(s) would listen to.

I picked up Bobby Goren and his recovery in season 8, wonderful performed by the great Vincent D’Onofrio. Please remember the right order of Law & Order: Criminal Intent during this season:

-Folie à Deux
-Identity Crisis
-Alpha Dog
-Playing Dead
-Lady's Man
-All In
-Family Values

One song for every episode plus one bonus track, dedicated to my friend Suzanne who made this amazing CI video about the same topic.

Note: I saw many fanmixes here at the LJ and asked me when to do an own. I love music and my iTunes folder has 15 GB, but the lyrics are secondary for me. Maybe because English is not my first language and the most music is in English. This way it was much harder to make a fanmix than I expected. I hope you like the songs. I’ll present links where you can listen online to the music. To give you a download link from my versions is so illegal in my country. Enjoy…

LAZLO BANE - I'm no Superman

I know what I've been told
You gotta work to feed the soul
But I can't do this all on my own
No, I know I'm no Superman
I'm no Superman

FRANCOISE HARDY - Mon amie la rose

Tu m'admirais hier
Et je serai poussière
Pour toujours demain.

On est bien peu de chose
Et mon amie la rose
Est morte ce matin

DIANE WEIGMANN - Was ist schon perfekt?

Meinem Bruder, meiner Schwester:
wem könnt' ich näher stehen?
Wir haben gemeinsam eine Kindheit verbracht

Nicht immer war alles perfekt
Doch wenn man's aussprechen kann
fühlt es sich irgendwie besser an

PETER FOX - Schwarz zu blau

Guten Morgen Berlin,
Du kannst so hässlich sein, so dreckig und grau,
du kannst so schön schrecklich sein,
Deine Nächte fressen mich auf
Es wird für mich wohl das Beste sein
Ich geh nach Hause und schlaf mich aus
Und während ich durch die Straßen laufe
wird langsam schwarz zu blau

KEANE - Bend & Break

If only I don't bend and break
I'll meet you on the other side
I'll meet you in the light
If only I don't suffocate
I'll meet you in the morning when you wake

MINUS TED - Carry Me

You would carry me. Home
Carry me inside

To protect us from the world
She would never go away
And we would never grow old

This is the story of a hard grow one woman’s way down or up
Depending on how you see things.

ELIVS PRESLEY - Suspicious minds

We can't go on together, with Suspicious Minds.
And we can't build our dreams, on Suspicious Minds.

So, if an old friend I know, drops by to say hello,
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?

JOSHUA RADIN - When You Find Me

Something is said, it sits in my head
It's been there too long, it's killing me slow
It's rolling around, it's pushing me down
It's keeping the good part of me closed

Can't you see that when I find you, I'll find me


And it's a brand new day
It's a brand new day
For the first time
In such a long long time
I know I'll be ok

CI - Season 8 from CI Musings on Vimeo.

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