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Icon Battles - Round #1

Last months I signed up for iconbattling this cool new icon community.

icon battles
Share caps, make icons, have fun!

In the beginning of every month there will be a THEMED sign-up post where anyone can sign up. When you sign up, you will also include TWO screencaptures/pictures fitting the theme. When the sign-up closes after a week or 30 people have signed up, the mod will put all the screencaps/pictures the members provided in a randomizer and the first 20 items will be the ones we are going to use to make 20 icons.

We are not allowed to publish our icons before the end of the votings. Yesterday I had started to icon for round 2, but now I can finally show you my results to #1.

Here you can find the caps to round 1 with the theme: FANTASY. I was lucky. Both of my caps had been included in the challenge, see icon 9 + 11. I'm not the big fantasy fan, but to icon (for me) totally unknown people was fun.

With the help of: tiger_tyger, purple_inthesky, adrastea, yunhe, ellaangelus, drankmywar, dreamsofkate, replaymatic and absolutetrouble.com

Icon Battle – Round #1 - FANTASY

Here you can see the entries of all participants.
Tags: 20 in 20, artwork, icon battles, icons, supernatural
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