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TVRealm: episode 3 x 08 - Why You Should Watch...

Episode: Episode 3 x 08 - Why You Should Watch... for the tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Make a post introducing us to a tv show/mini-series/tv-movie you love and think everyone should watch. We all need some more tv in our lives.
Warning: Showtime Sex and Language.

I really like the concept of this challenge. I knew I didn’t want to center Criminal Intent with this challenge I planned to show all of you all Huff, a very cool show. Unfortunately I never get the flow with this challenge. I managed to get all points but I know I should do it so much better…

Huff was a two season Showtime production, running between 2004 and 2006. I discovered the show maybe two years ago, as zdf_neo brought it to Germany. I like the show from the beginning. Follow me when you want to find out more…

…on first view, Huff is a production centered on Craig Huffstodt (Hank Azaria), a psychiatrist. But when a young man put a gun in his mouth and blew his brains out in Craig’s office everything changed.

There is Huff’s family:

The wife, Beth played by the amazing Paget Brewster. It’s fascinating, in every episode she wears another negligee or nightgown.

In the first season Beth is a self-employed party and event manager. But when her mother comes down with cancer she stopped working. After the magical healing (was it really the new found way to God and Paula’s praying?) and more and more troubles hit the marriage of Beth and Craig, she decides to go back to university, studying architecture.

The son, Byrd played by Anton Yelchin. He is a paradigm son in season one. Much more grown up than every adult of the family. Oh I forgot there is that episode where Beth finds lipstick on his boxers. Byrd’s honest explanation of the party game and Beth’s reaction to oral sex ≠ real sex is amazing. I love the scenes between Byrd and his grandma. For a long time he is the only one noting her alcohol problems. But you should also watch the second season. Wait until you find out more about Byrd’s photo experiments in burgled houses with death pets

The mother, Isabelle played by the incredible Blythe Danner. She won two Emmy’s (Supporting Actress - Drama Series) in a row for her role as Izzy. She is an alcoholic and a snob. Her husband left her years ago to play a spy. She had sex with Huff’s best friend Russell. She killed her best friend to release her from more pain after a bad stroke. She sent her son Teddy to booby hatch after he had attack her in his first schizophrenic episode.
It’s great to watch the growing relationship between Beth and Izzy. They start in a usual annoying DIL/MIL thingy but Izzy is the one supporting Beth as the marital problems increase and Craig moved out of the house, sharing her own experiences as left wife. Izzy is also a big help after the knife attack on Beth.

The brother, Teddy played by Andy Comeau. In his young twenties he has his first acute schizophrenic episode. The disease still challenges him. It’s not certain if Craig became a psychiatrist because of the mental health of Teddy. The brothers are close. In season one Teddy lives in Woodburn, a very high-end institution. Later he moves to Venice Beach and an open house.
In Tichuana Teddy thinks he can fly and breaks his arm. Craig and Teddy make a contract about the new living situation in season two. I really love the blue room. He has a fantastic ass. He finds love. It is great how he portraits schizophrenia. You can see the fear and suspicion, the fight to be normal but in the last episode we finally see what Teddy sees…amazing filmed with wobbling walls.

Let’s move to Russell Tupper – Oliver Platt, Oliver Platt, Oliver Platt. I know I don’t need to say more. He is one of my favorite actors. Even Vincent D’Onofrio (my most favorite actor) said once in an interview he wants Oliver to play him when they ever picturize his life. He typifies a very clever lawyer and is the best friend of Craig. I always will tend to say he is one of the good ones but it’s hard to keep this position. As brilliant he is as lawyer and friend (beside the short intermezzo with Izzy, but the two are so sweet.) there are the gazillions of drugs and prostitutes. You can see Russell high over the mountain but also laying deep down in the gutter. Even when the One Night Stand - Kelly Knippers gets pregnant Russell doesn’t change. I like how they try to play family and had loved to get a third season to see Russell with his son.
Russell’s office is awesome. The flower flood is so beautiful. In Maggie he has a great assistant who covers him in nearly every situation.

The most mysterious figure is the Homeless Hungarian, only Craig can see. He appears and disappears now and then.

I don’t want forget to mention all the cool and amazing guest stars. There is Lara Flynn Boyle as crazy patient/stalker of Craig. With Anjelica Huston Craig makes a 24 hour drug therapy to find back to himself. He kisses twice January Jones (Don Draper’s wife). Tom Skerritt is Craig’s and Teddy’s spy dad. Russell has a short but hot affair with Sharon Stone, an epileptic client of him. Swoosie Kurtz plays Beth’s mom and Dakin Matthews her dad.

I mentioned it before, Huff was a Showtime show: SEX. The showrunners wrote beautiful love scene between Beth and Craig. Also the moment of Teddy with his girlfriend in the market garden is lovely. Russell also got much sex but often it’s sweaty and dirty. Enjoy…

Here you can see a summary what happened in season one.

I think you can buy this season on DVD. To watch all episodes of season two click here [For some stupid GEMA rules episode 6 and 13 are not available in Germany]: http://www.youtube.com/user/CraigHuffstodt

Unfortunately Showtime canceled Huff without to make a close end. There are so many open questions I really had liked to find out.

How will Russell and Kelly manage their little family and how he’ll deal with the drug death of Pepper in his home?
Will Huff and Beth come together again?
What is with Teddy after the heavy attack on his girlfriend?

Words: 950 = 19 points
Pictures: 34 = 34 point
Recs: 7 = 3.5 point
Total: 56,5 points
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