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TVRealm: episode 3 x 19 - My Guide to All Things _____

Episode: Episode 3 x 19 - My Guide to All Things _____ for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: On the heels of gift reccing and 'shows to watch' I give you the chance to take any of your tv fandoms/pairings/characters and create an all inclusive love post to it--gathering anything and everything you have for it.

Icons [all done by me for 20 in 20 challenges over the last 2 years]:

Drawings found on deviantArt made by blackhair85, HabitualFlippancy, tevardarth, DeviantScar, doccy and vxangelkissxv [click to enlarge]:

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tvrealm entries:


Broken Bird & It's Personal: Alex Eames in Amends. The two partners finally solve the murder of Alex’s husband, Joe Dutton. He was killed in the line of duty nine years ago. As Bobby opened the case files Alex is in tears: ‘This isn’t another one of your puzzles.’

In the Blood: Alex Eames is the daughter of Johnny Eames, a former cop of the NYPD. Now and then we get a little information about the man. He worked at precinct 40 and 91. He had problems with the city and his retirement pay because of being a double earner. Johnny was shot by Dempsey Powers in 1987. Alex and her dad made long hikes at Harriman State Park in her youth. He was also the one who passed her the love to cars. All in all, Criminal Intent drew a positive picture of Johnny Eames I liked. Finally in season 10 we met Mr. Eames. He was not likeable and very mean to his daughter: *sigh*.

before & after:

text only:

big bang:
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tarot cards:
The Lovers


Thanks so much Suzanne and Susan for helping me with my big Post Loyalty project.

Title: Alexandria
Flavour: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren + a tiny little bit Mike Logan and Elizabeth Rodgers.
Rating: T
Word Count: around 19 500
Synopsis: Post Loyalty – Alex POV – Bobby is on a secret mission of truth and there is only a sparse one way correspondence between the old partners. What happened to Alex in the weeks and months after the hug? Where will they meet again and what changed?

Name of the story: Un solo bacio - one last kiss
Prompt name: 10. Post 'Frame': Goren tries for a fresh start in a new city, but a crisis with Eames brings him back.
Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Word count: 11 000
Raiting and warnings: M/NC-17
Description: Alex and Bobby enjoy a first - a last night together before he will leave New York City.

Title: Major Case Caching
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: K+ to M
Word Count: around 10 300
Synopsis: Bobby and Alex are on a geocaching hunt in Harriman State Park as Alex had a little accident. The both have to spend the night together in a little fishing hut on a calm lake. – Post season four story with a lot of references of single episodes.

Title: Moelleux au Chocolat for dessert
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: M/NC-17
Prompt (naughty): blindfold
Prompt (nice): first kiss
Word Count: around 6100
Synopsis: The fight against the system to bring back Bobby to Major Case Squad committed into new feelings of old partners.

Title: Cause and Effect
Character: Alexandra Eames & Robert Goren
Wordcount: 1481
Rating: Rating: K+
Tags: criminal intent, landcomm
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