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TVRealm: episode 3 x 20 - Writing Images, Iconing Words

Episode: Episode 3 x 20 - Writing Images, Iconing Words for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Complete a 10in10 icon challenge OR use an image to write a 500 word fic.

Title: Walk of Thoughts
Flavor: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alexandra Eames + Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 518
A/N 1: Post Lady's Man. Alex needs to clear her mind after the arresting of Mulrooney.
A/N 2: With beta help of gorengal.

Alex Eames needed to be alone. After she clicked her partner's handcuffs around Kevin Mulrooney's wrists, she almost fled out of Major Case. No one should see the horror in her face, the terror in her eyes. During the darkest time in her life she had let this man so close, so damn close. Ten years later the same man had become a murderer to destroy her life.

Alex wanted to think about everything and also wanted to clear her mind. Nothing helped better than walking. Half the night she strolled through the never-sleeping streets of Manhattan. The noises and flashing lights were good to cover her racing thoughts. But to warm up again, Alex entered the subway. Amongst the clackering, chattering, and squeaking of the silver underground train, she rested and her stiff, tired limbs recovered.

Beach, Alex wanted to go to the beach and see the sun rise over the never-ending ocean. Brighton Beach and Coney Island were closer, but she didn't want to be around the touristy boardwalks and amusement park. She just wanted sand and surf. Alex decided to visit Rockaway Beach, her old neighborhood. She could walk forever, her only company the breaking waves and seagulls.

Alex left the MTA at Rockaway Park and headed east into the morning over endless beach.

Hot tears moistened her cold cheeks as the sun slowly climbed over the horizon, dipping the sea in a gold carpet. But Alex moved on, the icy wind catching her loosened strands. A few early joggers passed her way but no one noticed her silent sobs. One subway station passed into another. Alex had given up counting the endless wooden breakwater walls or the concreted beach entries she left behind.

One sandpiper grabbed Alex's attention and she tried to follow the little bird with her eyes. As it was only a little dark dot on creamy sand, she noted another person. No one had passed or had gotten ahead of her during the last mile. Alex checked her watch - time for work, but she knew Bobby would cover her. She felt drained and frostbitten but she wanted to move on. The fresh air deafened so good. The dark figure got bigger and she could see that he put up two deck chairs. Who would take a sunbath at 40 °F? But to sit down and close her eyes was very alluring.

After the man unfolded a big blanket, he turned in her direction and walked closer. A familiar limping, the long winter coat...
"Bobby..." Alex gasped.

No words as they finally met. He saw everything in her face and she would ask later how he found her. Now it only was important that he was with her, that he held her, that she could cry again, snuggling into the warm embrace of a friend.

Holding hands, Bobby guided Alex the last steps to the chairs, spreading the blanket over them. Together they sat in silence, looking over the ocean, their fingers still folded.

"Everything okay?" Bobby asked as he passed her a mug with steaming coffee.

"I don't know," Alex replied honestly.
Tags: criminal intent, fanfiction, season: eight
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